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5 wine trends to watch for and where’s Croatian wine in that story?

Speaking of wine trends in general, it was all about famous and established wine regions for a long time!

However, for a couple of years now, things have been changing: wine lovers are eager to experiment with different styles, changing their focus to unconventional wine regions and varietals.


This is especially true for consumers aged 21 to 40, i.e., millennials and Gen Z-ers, whose influence is becoming crucial in shaping the wine scene in the years to come.

Curious to find out what changes this year is bringing, we searched more than 20 wine websites, blogs, columns, etc., and, as a result, we came up with 5 prevailing trends predicted for this year!

Some of these trends favor Croatian wines; we are eager to uncover which ones are in this article!

1. Non-Champagne sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are no longer limited for consumption on special occasions, so the quest for more affordable bubbles will lead drinkers to new choices beyond Champagne.

Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava will continue their climb in popularity, but an up-and-coming wine category might finally see its rise – sparkling reds made in Lambrusco style. 

Croatia is following the trend with Ivančić Griffin Dark Side, the only red sparkling wine in Croatia made from Portugieser. This sensational sparkling wine will surely awaken your senses as you pour it into a glass, with its rich texture, lively perlage, and attractive color.

Its expressive fruity aromas will enchant your nose, while the taste will evoke associations of deliciosity, like eating raspberries and sweet cherries. The light and ripe tannins complement this premium sparkling wine’s fruity and rounded flavors, making it a must-try for wine enthusiasts. Put this wine (and other Ivančić Griffin wines) on your list!

Ivančić Griffin winery
Ivančić Griffin winery

2. Lesser known wine regions and more obscure wines

Croatia has both! Many well-informed wine enthusiasts are hooked on wine diversity and are looking for different and authentic wines. Anyone can order a bottle of French Bordeaux, but if you want to impress yourself and others, order a bottle of Malvasia Istriana, Pošip, Teran, Plavac Mali, or Babić!

Ultimately, the choice of wine comes down to individual perspectives and preferences. Don’t be afraid to uncover hidden gems and find your new favorite variety!

Selection Plavac Mali
Selection Plavac Mali wine case

3.  Wine apps growing stronger

As new wine regions appear on menus, and some old wine regions (such as Croatia!) are being rediscovered, the importance of wine apps is rapidly growing! This means that customers can pinpoint why they like a certain wine and seek out other wines instead of sticking to one go-to wine.

Whether there were wine lovers with a more adventurous spirit to produce better wine applications or better wine apps are a product of consumers’ willingness to experiment more, today we can say that wine apps are one of the most deciding factors in purchasing a wine bottle.

Wine lovers are constantly looking for new ways to remember the wines they prefer and get advice about wines they may like. Apps like

CellarTracker (available for iOS and Android) is the go-to app for those who love reading reviews and tasting notes! And wine lovers eager to learn more about wines from the Balkan region, namely Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, should stick to Wine & more! 🙂

4. Trendy and Eco-wine packaging

The wineries and distributors alike are focusing more on labeling and eco-friendly packaging in response to consumers’ growing interest in ecological standards.

Packaging can serve as an opportunity to showcase creativity, become trendy, and distinguish your message and wine style! Nowadays, there are various methods to package wine for consumption, particularly if you want to prioritize eco-friendliness, innovation, or establishing a unique brand.

From QR codes that provide information about the wine to double insulation that keeps the wine cool without refrigeration, the trend towards eco-friendly packaging, with recyclable bottle designs and augmented reality wine labels that engage the senses like never before, is on the rise.

Unique glass shapes and textures are also making a mark, such as the sleek and compact, eco-friendly flat wine bottles, more easily shippable. The wine packaging industry is evolving and contributing to a sustainable future.

Regarding label branding, Stina wines have one of the most distinctive Croatian wine labels, inspired by the Brač island trademark – “stone” (Stina in Dalmatian dialect means stone). The label for Stina wines is inspired by the extreme slopes where vineyards are located on the island. Brač has long been a source of inspiration for artists, thanks to its renowned snow-white stone and for hard-working people dedicated to producing top-quality wine in a challenging environment.

Stina winery

The Stina wine labels are like blank canvases that inspire creativity in anyone who sees (and tastes!) them. It is not uncommon for wine enthusiasts to have the urge to make their artistic mark on the bottle when encountering a bottle of Stina.

Enosophia is a wine brand that is the first in Croatia to feature an interactive augmented reality (AR) label! This innovative label allows customers to scan the bottle using their smartphones and access a wealth of information about the wine and the winery.

Enosophia’s AR technology provides consumers with a unique and engaging experience, setting them apart from other regional wine brands.

Enosophia winery

With a passion for sustainable development and a deep love for Slavonia and the Danube wine region, the Enosophia team has set out to create a brand that not only delivers premium wines but also contributes to the growth of the local community.

5. Biodynamic and natural wines

In today’s wine scene, wine lovers seek more transparency when it comes to wine production. The desire for wines made with minimal technological or chemical intervention is not just a trend but a lifestyle choice. People want to know what’s in their glass, and they’re becoming increasingly savvy about the wine they’re drinking.

In this category, Croatia also has something to say! There are more and more biodynamic and natural wine producers at wine festivals. Some of Croatia’s most recognizable ones are:

Križ winery
Križ winery

It’s clear that the push for transparency and authenticity in wine is here to stay, and it’s exciting to see how this will continue to shape the industry!

Now let us conclude one obvious fact: whoever wants to follow the latest trends in wine will not be able to do so without committing to buying some Croatian wines!

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If you’re unsure where to start, let us guide you to the perfect wine case selection and discover the flavors of Croatian wines up close and personal.

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