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Uncover Top 8 Croatian Wine Secrets

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Whether relatively unknown or produced in boutique wineries in small batches, these specially selected wines are handpicked to ensure the best quality and taste. These are the kind of wines that you would want to indulge in regardless of the price tag, and we’re proud to offer them to you at an unbeatable value! Let’s uncover 8 Croatian wines off the beaten path!

Puhelek Purek Kraljica

Puhelek winery
Photo credit: Puhelek Purek Winery

We already mentioned about this sparkling wine (literally, kraljica in translation means queen), but there’s a real chance you’ve missed it! 

Made of the indigenous Croatian grape Kraljevina (literal translation = kingdom), this bubbly offers attractive notes of green apple, vanilla, honey, and clove.

What’s special about this wine is that this grape variety grows only in a micro-location of the Sveti Ivan Zelina sub-region near Zagreb. 

Travel tips: Puhelek Purek winery is a must-visit winery if you visit Zagreb or plan to discover the Croatian Uplands wine region.

Kosovec Škrlet Selection

There’s a new ruler in the Croatian Uplands wine region, which is – Škrlet. Kosovec winery from the Moslavina sub-region is one of the best Croatian wines off the beaten path with its exceptional Škrlet. 

This wine has reaffirmed the potential of the Škrlet grape and put the winery on the regional wine map. Crafted with only natural yeasts and a careful maceration process, this wine has a natural acidity that perfectly balances pronounced minerality and opens an aromatic profile that resembles meadow flowers, honey, lime tree, light spices, and citrus finish. 

If you’re looking for a wine that’s both clean and fresh yet soft and luxurious, then Škrlet Selection is the perfect choice for you!

Ivančić Griffin Chardonnay sur lie

Ivančić Griffin winery
Photo credit: Ivančić Griffin winery

Ivančić Winery is Plešivica’s best-kept secret. This young winemaker is revolutionizing sparkling wine production with encapsulated yeasts and cold maceration, resulting in sparkling wines with a unique floral and fruity bouquet. 

The winery’s Chardonnay sur lie is a standout example of this approach, having been aged for 18 months in oak barrels on lees without the addition of sulfur and fermented with cultured yeast to give it a distinct body and fullness. 

The wine has a long-lasting aftertaste while maintaining its freshness and fruity notes. 

Chardonnay is the crown of the Ivančić winery, and at the exhibitions, it was awarded four gold medals as one of the best Croatian Chardonnays.

Piquentum Malvasia Blanc

Dimitri Brečević, a French-Croatian winemaker and founder of Piquentum winery in Buzet in the Istria wine region, is gaining attention for his unique approach to producing native Malvasia Istriana

Brečević ferments his Malvasia at slightly higher temperatures, resulting in a mature and complex wine with a pleasant minerality. He draws out rich aromas from the grape skins through extended maceration, creating a straw-yellow wine with golden edges and earthy undertones. 

This harmonious wine boasts a soft and smooth texture, with notes of quince, sweet spices, and aromatic herbs like sage. 

Piquentum Blanc continues to impress connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts, as it remains a top pick year after year. This exquisite wine is highly regarded for its quality and affordability, making it one of the best-value wines on the market. And for those interested in pairing it with seafood, Piquentum Blanc is the perfect pairing choice.

Brečević’s distinctive wines have earned him a reputation as one of the most interesting winemakers in Istria.

Jerković Kujundžuša 

Kujundžuša is an indigenous Croatian white grape variety. Grown almost exclusively in small localities around Imotski in Dalmatinska Zagora, this hidden gem of wine is quickly gaining popularity among local wine lovers. 

The grape’s limited quantities and specific terroir make it a rare find, prompting experts to recommend ordering the wine as soon as possible. 

Jerković, a small family-owned winery founded in 1998, is famed for producing two unique wine varieties. Located in the wine-growing region of Runovići in Imotski, known for its wine production since ancient Roman times, the winery is making a name for itself with its Kujunđuša and Trnjak wines. 

Josić Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior

Josić winery restaurant

Josić winery is one of the most visited wineries in Slavonia and the Danube wine region, and some of the wines from this winery deserve special attention.

In the picturesque village of Zmajevac, nestled in the heart of Baranja, lies a restaurant and winery surrounded by the unique ambiance of gators – underground wine cellars.

The restaurant and winery offer a perfect setting for guests to have a memorable experience filled with exquisite cuisine and exceptional wines.

This Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior is exceptional, considering the varieties blended – Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Cabernet Franc, and has everything one looks for in red wine – tobacco, leather, chocolate, black fruit, and spices.

G&J Tvoja Krv i Moja 

Gino and Jadranka, a couple who fell in love with wine while living in France, have combined French winemaking traditions with Croatian grapes to create their unique blend. Their wine, called Tvoja Krv i Moja (the literal translation is – your blood and mine), is a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

With flavors of game meat, earth, and dried fruits like prunes and figs, the wine has a robust body but fine tannins, balanced alcohol, and a savory aftertaste!

If this love story poured into a bottle of wine is not personal and powerful enough, what is?

Križ Plavac Mali

Križ winery
Photo credit: Križ Winery

An old Croatian saying says Plavac Mali gives the best results in difficult times. This wine is proof of that. Ecological vineyard, indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, natural vinification, no additives – these are the main features of this young winery from the wine-famous Pelješac peninsula.

Steep south-oriented slopes with high insolation are characteristic terroir for Plavac mali. This one managed to obtain exceptional drinkability regardless of high alcohol.

Are you tired of the same old wine selection? Do you crave the thrill of discovering some hidden wine gems? 

Look no further as we present our curated collection of the best Croatian wines!

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