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The best online destination for boutique wines

The Wine&More is the largest and most visited wine website dedicated to bringing selected regional wines from boutique wineries. In one place, we gathered small, family-owned producers as well as renowned regional stars in winemaking, to bring our readers the finest selection of European wines, just a few clicks away.

The Wine&More is a Croatian based wine merchant, and, although we started with delivering Croatian wines to the EU and US countries, we soon made our offer wider and more regional while still focusing on small producers. Our mission is to make hard-to-get, rare and authentic wines available internationally.

Today we welcome you in choosing and discovering wines made all over Europe, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Portugal.

Browse through wine regions, countries and top producers

Interactive Map of Wineries
Interactive Map of Wineries

We made the wine regions of Croatia more approachable in an interactive map, that you’ll find as a new feature on our webshop. We tried to make your selection easier, so, from now on, you’ll have more categories to refine your search: from country to category, top brands and top grape varieties are highlighted all the way.

Refine your wine search
Refine your wine search

Wine notes are enriched with food pairing suggestions to give you a hand if you’d like to taste and pair something new. Don’t worry! We also included popular dishes like spaghetti bolognese, pancakes or hamburgers to match everyday food! Simply browse and select dishes you like or will be making and see the wines suggested to pair it perfectly.

With the wider assortment of wines, regions, and countries, we hope we’ll elevate your wine exploring experience by offering you boutique wines at the affordable prices.

Hard-to-get wines? With the Wine&More there is no such thing!

In the 3 years of our online business, we delivered more than 50.000 bottles across the EU and the US and made it possible to enjoy our regional wines even when you are far away! Not just that. We also succeeded in intriguing our readers with amazing wine stories that are going on in our countries so, today, we proudly say that we are the most-visited wine website about regional wines.

Safe shopping and shipping!

Shop safely with us and we’ll make sure that your wines are delivered safely. All wines bought online are secured and packed with innovative technology that keeps them safe from extreme weather conditions as well as breaking during transport.  

We invested in the newest technology on the market to make the stress the wines experience on the journey to your home as little as possible.

The 50.000 bottles delivered safely so far prove this!

Online destination for boutique wineries
Online destination for boutique wineries

Delivering smiles since 2016

We are constantly improving our offer, adding new videos and stories, as well as expanding the wine selection. Don’t forget to stay in touch, subscribe to our e-mail or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where we’ll keep you informed about discounts, special prices and offers.

Happy to have you here! Cheers wine lovers 🙂 


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