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Best scored Graševina in Wine Enthusiast – Antunović Tradition Grand Selection


Antunović Tradition Grand Selection is the best-rated Graševina yet in the world magazine Wine Enthusiast. In the same edition in which Ernest Tolj Dingač was evaluated with an unimaginable 99 points, we would like to point out a no less fascinating recognition awarded to – Graševina.

Graševina Tradition from the Grand Selection line of the Antunović winery also won the “Hidden Gem” label. This gem is largely “hidden” from the American market. On the domestic market, the Antunović winery has long been recognized for its dedication to quality.

This is proven by winning the highest marks for its wines at domestic and international wine evaluations.GRAŠEVINA-Grand-Selection

What is particularly pleasing are the awards given to Graševina. For example, the platinum Decanter medal with 95 points awarded to 2013 Antunović Premium Graševina was also a turning point for the perception not only of quality winemaking in Slavonia, but also for the affirmation of the Graševina variety.

Graševina, versatile and adaptable, in the hands of the Antunović winery, becomes a top-quality and serious white wine. Wine Enthusiast describes Graševina Tradition Grand Selection with the words: Aromas of green pear, tangerine, and jasmine pave the way for flavours of yellow apple, lemon zest, vanilla, rose petal and a touch of nutmeg. This wine is creamy on the palate and offers a final note of mineral-rich salinity.

It is a noble wine with a rich, fruity mineral structure, saltiness and sweetness from the Erdut vineyard (Danube sub-region), aged in Slavonian oak barrels and produced in a limited series of 3300 bottles.Graševina-Grand-Selection-2

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