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10 Best Croatian Wine Hotels and Winery Accommodations

Image of Meneghetti Winery and Wine hotel exterior

From charming villas to rustic winery cottages, Croatia has some of the most unique and unforgettable hotels nestled amidst picturesque vineyards and wine regions! This breathtaking country is a mecca for those seeking an authentic and immersive experience. So pack your bags, grab a glass of wine, and join us as we unveil Croatia’s top 10 must-visit wine hotels and winery accommodations!

Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel

Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel
Photo Credit: Roxanich Wine

Discover the ultimate retreat at Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel, where vintage meets modern in an extraordinary fusion that honors Istria’s cultural heritage.

Tucked away in the heart of Motovun, a breathtaking medieval fortress surrounded by lush forests and the peaceful Mirna river, this destination is an idyllic paradise for nature enthusiasts and history aficionados.

But wait, there’s more! This region is renowned for its prized white truffles, found in select micro-locations boasting abundant flora, and its vineyards, cultivated for centuries. Embark on a grand tour of Roxanich winery’s impressive five floors and underground wine cellar, where you can savor their expertly aged wines such as Roxanich Superistrian or Roxanich Teran Re

While planning your next vacation, check out our offer of Roxanich wines here Unleash your senses at this luxurious hotel in Istria – where art, wine, and gourmet cuisine collide! Experience the ultimate cultural immersion with rotating exhibitions showcasing breathtaking fine art, wines, and mouth-watering cuisine.

And for those seeking adventure, explore the enchanting forests and stunning river Mirna, home to the elusive white truffle and the region’s rich viticulture legacy. Discover the hidden gem of Istria at the best-preserved medieval fort of Motovun – a sensory journey you won’t forget!

Have you experienced the luxury, tradition, and exquisite taste at Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel? Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery
Photo Credit: Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery

Discover the ultimate luxury retreat: Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery in Istria! Nestled in 120,000 square meters of amphitheater-shaped vineyards, fragrant aromatic gardens, and olive orchards, this boutique hotel and winery is the perfect escape for all.

With a wide range of villas, residences, suites, and rooms, Meneghetti is the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing family vacation, a romantic getaway perfect for couples, or a recent leisure experience. Immerse yourself in pure indulgence as you relax in the indoor or outdoor pool, relax on the private beach or explore its picturesque surroundings.

The Meneghetti restaurant is a gastronomic journey that offers traditional dishes with a modern twist to locally sourced ingredients to create delectable delicacies. And for those wanting to up their culinary game, why not try one of their exciting cooking classes? They even offer sommelier classes and creative cookery lessons that change with the seasons and local product availability.

Don’t miss out on tasting wines Meneghetti RedBlack label Malvazija, or their exquisite sparking Meneghetti Classic. Wine enthusiasts will be in heaven with the highly coveted Meneghetti wine collection available.

Have you considered booking a stay at Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery luxury retreat, indulging in a world of comfort, relaxation, and exquisite wines?

Cattunar Wine Residence

Cattunar Wine Hotel
Photo Credit: Cattunar Wine Hotel

Forget crowded beaches and tourist traps because the real adventure lies in the stunning inland region of the Istrian peninsula. On your next Croatian trip, don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind experience at the luxurious Cattunar Wine Residence, nestled deep in the heart of Brtonigla.

With panoramic views of rolling hills and vineyards as far as the eye can see, this breathtaking haven is the ultimate getaway for wine connoisseurs and nature lovers. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and prepare to embark on a lifetime journey! Explore the natural beauties of the inland Istrian peninsula, often time overlooked in the height of summer.

A unique opportunity to enjoy mentioned is the Cattunar Wine Residence, located further inland in Brtonigla. One of the biggest draws of this gem is its proximity to the lesser-known but equally stunning inland Istrian peninsula.

While most tourists flock to the beaches and coastal towns in the summer, you’ll have the chance to explore the region’s natural beauties, from rolling hills covered in vineyards to fascinating medieval towns.

And what better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than by visiting the Cattunar winery, where you can sample some of the region’s most delicious wines and learn about the centuries-old tradition of Istrian winemaking?

Are you ready to experience the ultimate taste and luxury at Wine Residence Cattunar? Book your stay now for exclusive access to the finest wines and breathtaking views. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Winery Cuj Bed & Breakfast

Winery Cuj Bed &Breakfast
Photo credit: Winery Cuj Bed &Breakfast

This year, there is one more reason to visit the vineyard and the small village of Farnažine – the newly opened CUJ Bed & Breakfast, which complements and rounds off the charming Istrian experience.

For years, the rustic oasis of CUJ vineyard has been a favorite place for enjoying and tasting their exceptional wines. It has recently expanded into an irresistible bed & breakfast destination, perfect for spring relaxation in nature.

They currently offer three bedrooms with a bathroom and a view of the beautiful surroundings, a spa center with a Jacuzzi and a sauna, and a glass of refreshing CUJ Scoltime sparkling wine.

Located near Umag, this beautiful accommodation, with its distinctive Istrian vibe, is an excellent starting point for discovering the beauty of western Istria, especially the coastal area, which will gift you some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen!

Indulge your senses in a charming bed & breakfast experience with three bedrooms, spa facilities, and stunning surroundings, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway in Istria!

Boškinac Hotel & Winery

Boškinac Hotel
Photo Credit: Boškinac Hotel

Family-owned Boškinac Hotel, Restaurant, and Winery, nestled among picturesque vineyards, olive groves, and fragrant gardens, is the perfect sanctuary to rejuvenate your senses. An extraordinary culinary journey awaits you through rich island gastronomy in an idyllic setting. 

In Boškinac’s gourmet Michelin-starred restaurant, every dish is beautifully crafted to delight your senses. Pair your meal with a glass of Boškinac’s finest wine made from awarded native and international varieties for the ultimate dining experience. Treat yourself to an array of tastings and indulge in the rich flavors of the finest offerings from the island. 

The hotel is renowned for promoting the island’s most treasured delicacy – Pag cheese. With 20 different types to choose from, sourced from different producers and parts of the island, you might discover a new favorite!

A dedicated destination for a truly gourmet experience, once you taste Pag cheese paired with Boškinac wines such as Boškinac Ocu and Boškinac Cuvée, you might never want to leave the island!

Are you ready to experience the exquisite wines and gourmet delights of Boškinac boutique Hotel & Winery? Book your stay!

Hotel Vinotel Gospoja

Photo credit: Hotel Vinotel Gospoja

Imagine waking up in a stylish hotel with panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding beaches and villages. You draw the curtains to reveal floor-to-ceiling windows, which perfectly frame the magnificent views outside. As you step out onto the large terrace, you feel the sun’s warmth on your skin and take a deep breath of the salty sea air. This is the ultimate relaxation destination!

Nestled on a hilltop, this boutique hotel offers contemporary rooms centered around stunning views. The decor is simple and elegant, with wine-themed ceiling murals adding a touch of sophistication. Each room is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

The hotel’s pool and spa area is a sanctuary for those seeking indulgence and relaxation. The indoor pool and sauna provide the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploring, while the spa offers a range of treatments to rejuvenate you. The sophisticated restaurant offers panoramic views and serves delicious cuisine with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. For wine lovers, the hotel also offers ultimate wine-tasting experiences!

Hotel Gospoja Vinotel is a chic, intimate hotel and an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious, peaceful wine and leisure-packed holiday on the Krk Croatian island.

Bolfan Vinski Vrh

Bolfan Vinski Vrh
Photo Credit: Bolfan Vinski Vrh

Bolfan Vinski Vrh, is a picturesque cottage and winery on a hilltop in the heart of Croatia’s Uplands region. As far as the eye can see, sprawling vineyards invite visitors to reconnect with nature and enjoy simple pleasures.

Owned by Tomislav Bolfan, this cozy cottage embodies his philosophy, emphasizing the importance of protecting the environment. From the locally-sourced, mouth-watering food served in the restaurant to the organic and naturally-made wines, Bolfan speaks of a commitment to sustainability and preserving the beauty of nature.

Don’t miss out on the incredible story of Bolfan winery – here! As you settle into your cozy accommodations, take a moment to appreciate the beauty surrounding you. Sip on a glass of Bolfan Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, or Pinot Noir crafted from grapes grown in the surrounding vineyards, and let the warmth of the place help you unwind and relax. 

The best selection of their ecologically produced wines is here, as a real reminder that the food we eat and the wine we enjoy should nourish our bodies and souls.

Are you ready to escape to the heart of Croatia’s Uplands, taste delicious organic wines, savor locally-sourced cuisine, and bask in picturesque vineyards at Bolfan Vinski Vrh?

Tandara Holiday house GRAŠEVINA

Tandara Holiday house GRAŠEVINA
Photo credit: Tandara Holiday house GRAŠEVINA

Zorica Tandara’s wine-making family has boldly diversified their business by opening two meticulously designed and constructed enchanting vacation homes. In addition to their primary activity of wine production, they have ventured into the realm of tourism, offering accommodation to guests.

Located in the picturesque region of Kutjevo, the renowned wine-growing sub-region in Croatia, the Tandara family has long been synonymous with exceptional winemaking. The family’s dedication to producing high-quality wines has earned them a distinguished locally and beyond reputation. Building upon their success, they have extended their services to cater to tourists seeking a memorable stay.

With a vision to create an immersive experience for wine enthusiasts, the Tandara family has  Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, these vacation homes offer a tranquil retreat for visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the wine-making culture while enjoying the comfort of modern amenities.

The vacation homes are thoughtfully equipped with all the necessary conveniences to ensure a delightful stay. Each vacation home features spacious bedrooms, tastefully decorated living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and luxurious bathrooms. The interiors blend charm and contemporary elegance while providing guests a comfortable and memorable atmosphere.

Guests staying at these vacation homes can indulge in various activities tailored to provide an authentic wine experience. The Tandara family invites visitors to explore their vineyards, participate in wine tastings, and learn firsthand the winemaking process. Additionally, they offer guided tours of their winery, where guests can witness the meticulous craftsmanship behind each bottle of Tandara wine.

The vacation homes offer an opportunity to unwind in a serene setting and serve as a platform for guests to discover and appreciate the rich heritage and tradition of Kutjevo’s winemaking.

In aligning their business with the growing trend of experiential travel, the Tandara family endeavors to strengthen their relationship with customers by providing an immersive encounter with their wines. With the vacation homes as a gateway to their winery and vineyards, visitors can deepen their understanding and appreciation for the labor of love that goes into each bottle of Tandara’s wines.


As they continue to blend the worlds of wine and tourism, the Tandara family’s passion and commitment will elevate the visitor experience and contribute to the allure of Kutjevo as a premier wine destination.

Sontacchi Wellness B&B Winery

Sontacchi Wellness B&B Winery 
Photo Credit: Sontacchi Wellness B&B Winery

Sontacchi family’s Wellness B&B Winery in the heart of Kutjevo, Croatia, offers a unique and authentic experience for tourists looking to explore Graševina – the country’s most produced and versatile grape variety.

The property has five rooms with ten beds, each adorned with inherited and unique furniture that exudes an old Slavonic flair. Every piece of furniture in the building has a story, as they were all passed down from ancestors of the Sontacchi family.

The rooms are decorated with antiquities, including old manuscripts, postcards, art paintings, and family photos. Despite its traditional elements, the accommodation facility also caters to modern travelers’ needs.

Guests can indulge in wine tasting in the cozy wine cellar or relax with access to the sauna and indoor pool. The Sontacchi family’s Wellness B&B Winery is a perfect destination for tourists looking to immerse themselves in Croatia’s rich culture and heritage while enjoying all the modern amenities of a comfortable stay.

Don’t miss out on their Graševina, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir wines.

Looking for an authentic experience? Look no further than the Sontacchi family’s Wellness B&B Winery in Kutjevo! Book now to experience the perfect combination of tradition and modern comfort.

Korta Katarina Villa & Winery, Pelješac

Villa Korta Katarina & Winery (Vinarija Korta Katarina)
Photo Credit: Villa Korta Katarina & Winery (Vinarija Korta Katarina)

The ultimate luxury retreat you can’t miss is Korta Katarina Villa & Winery!! Discover the remarkable story of two American heroes who transformed an Adriatic coastal town into a high-end destination.

From the breathtaking scenery to the award-winning wines and gourmet cuisine, Korta Katarina Villa & Winery is a true haven for sophisticated travelers.  As a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux, every detail in this exclusive property has been crafted to guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Lee and Penny Anderson, two American entrepreneurs, have turned their dream into a destination for wine lovers and foodies alike. Their stunning property in Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula offers an unforgettable experience that combines luxury, comfort, and stunning natural beauty.

The Andersons’ love affair with Croatia began during a humanitarian mission, and their dedication to the country’s culture is evident in every detail of Villa Korta Katarina & Winery. From the elegant stone facades above the beach and sea to the meticulously designed facilities, this property is a testament to the commitment to providing guests with the best possible experience.

Guests can indulge in the finest wines and gourmet cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. With its perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, Villa Korta Katarina & Winery is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a luxurious getaway with a true taste of Croatia’s warm and welcoming culture.

The winery takes its name and design inspiration from the magnificent Orebić captain’s villas, known as “korte,” which once played a vital role in the local architecture. Korta Katarina Villa continues to honor this legacy by incorporating the name and style of these historical villas into their architecture and design.

Korta Katarina is also renowned for blending premium positions of Plavac Mali grapes from the famous Dingač and Postup appellations. Korta Katarina Plavac Mali wines deliver all the richness and power of premium grapes without the weight on the palate. 

The winery’s Reuben’s Reserve Plavac Mali is a traditional expression of the region’s essence, harvested from steep, sunny vineyards on poor, rocky ground. This wine is not made in every vintage, but when produced, it is highly sought-after for its exceptional aging potential.

Take a look at other Korta Katarina wines – here! Discover more about the fascinating Korta Katarina winery in our article!


One segment that has seen a particular surge in popularity is wine tourism. Croatia’s wine tourism accommodations have evolved from rural holiday homes to extravagant villas and boutique hotels with amazing wine cellars offering gourmet tours and wine pairing with globally awarded olive oil, truffles, and cheese. 

From traditional coastal accommodations made of stone to ultra-modern spa retreats, Croatia offers many options for wine lovers to indulge in their passion. Whether it’s an exclusive retreat in Meneghetti, a luxurious five-star stay in Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel, or a combination of spa and hotel experience in Korta Katarina, there’s something for every taste.

These wine-focused destinations have become must-visit places for travelers seeking unique experiences. Additionally, to help you plan greater details your next Croatian trip, we curated a list of things not to miss when on the Pelješac peninsula for those visiting the region, and if Korčula is the destination, there are a few suggestions to enhance the summer experience, as well. As you embark on your well-deserved vacation, indulge in Croatia’s exquisite wine offerings.

With a vast selection of top-quality wines waiting to be savored, there’s no doubt that you’ll return home with a wealth of unforgettable memories. But don’t fret about leaving these exceptional wines behind.

Upon your return, we’ll provide you with a carefully curated selection of Croatia’s finest wines, so you can relive the taste of your vacation from the comfort of your home.


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