Nenad Trifunovic

Bolfan Winery – Harmony of Life


Is a fulfilling life the definition of harmony? To this day, practically every other person living in Zagorje grows their own vines on their little parcel and makes wine in their own little cellar, traditionally built in the same little vineyard. 

By that comparison, Bolfan winery truly is the biggest in the area, the picturesque sub-region of Zagorje in the Croatian Uplands, with numerous brooks and rolling green hills. By such Hobbiton standards, 20 acres of vineyards seems enormous. 

But these vineyards are grown on virgin lands, and also far away from malpractice and artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Tomislav Bolfan is committed to harmony, the sensitive balance between nature and man. He cares about his Angus herd, cattle grazing freely on his land. Because Bolfan is determined not to use anything artificial, fertilizers to begin with. Because he believes his land deserves better than short-sighted solutions. Bolfan-winery

On this land at Bolfan winery, they grow their own vegetables and their own vines, just like people from this part of the world have done for ages. No shortcuts will bring them closer to the divine, the ultimate Love that connects. Restoring the natural cycles and returning to nature is the only cure against the poison we all are exposed to.

Does all this seem a bit rustic? It does. But in a focused and modernistic way, just like the dishes they serve at the restaurant within the winery. Every single meal is made with ingredients either grown at their own land or sourced from nearby family farms.

Such ingredients are then elevated by culinary techniques that respect the ingredient, presenting it in a perfect manner. Just like Bolfan winemaking. 

Perhaps this is the reason why Bolfan Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with Angus meatloaf in puff pastry, pumpkin puree and gravy, or Bolfan Primus Natura with a modern interpretation of the traditional blood sausage with sauerkraut… Just like the intimate relationship between Mother Nature and our methodical, spiritual attention – a close interrelation with the vine itself, the grapes, the wine, the sense of sight, touch, smell and taste.Angus-meatloaf

There is no need to add artificial aromas, because the natural ones are more subtle but also more real and more persistent. Different mineral and natural fruit aromas, floral smells, for people who seek more, people who can recognize the difference. 

Bolfan’s belief is that wine is made for personal pleasure, relaxation, dancing, socializing and special moments. And any moment can be special if you decide to open a bottle of off-dry Bolfan Primus Riesling fermented on natural yeasts, with clear golden color and a spectrum of aromas, from dried hay and celery to vineyard peach and honey.

Expect freshness and persistence on the palate, as well as a sense of place in the aftertaste. The specific mineral signature it carries testifies a true balance of the place, grape variety and man. In one word – harmony.


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