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Croatia, a small country with sensational olive oils

Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil is one of the worlds healthiest food. Croatia has some of the world’s best olive oils. The “olive oil bible” Flos Olei guide, includes 81 olive oils from Istria, recognizing the Croatian peninsula as the world’s best olive oil region fourth time in a row.

Croatian Olive Oil

With Flos Olei, the New York International Olive Oil Competition is the biggest competition among producers. On both, most significant world’s competitions, Croatia achieves stunning results, year after year.

The world’s best olive oil region is Istria

In 2019. for the fourth year in a row, the world’s most important guide for extra virgin olive oils named Istria as the best olive oil region in the world. 2019. edition of Flos Olei guide, also known as the “olive oil bible”, includes 81 olive oils from Istria and for the first time, the guide was presented in Croatia, at the breath-taking new Wine&Heritage Hotel Motovun.

A tradition deeply rooted in the region saw huge improvements in the last decade, in terms of investments, modernizations and today we can see the full potential of olive oil production that is blossoming in Istria.

32 gold and 18 silver medals at The New York International Olive Oil Competition 2019

At the New York International Olive Oil Competition, Croatia stood as one of the world’s best olive oil producers.

Maybe the biggest surprise was the Šoltansko maslinovo ulje from the island of Šolta, which was one of only 18 olive oils in the world given the “Best in Class” award.

Brist Olive Grove – Photo FB

How to recognize a high-quality extra virgin olive oil?

Olives are fruit, and in the same way, as we look for aromas of fruit in the wine, we should look for fruit and freshness in carefully crafted olive oils.

If you ever tasted olive directly from the tree, you know how bitter the fruit is. That bitterness shouldn’t be missed in best olive oils. You’ll feel it on the palate.

Healthy phenolic compounds can cause you to cough when tasting olive oil and this pungency is exactly what we look for in extra virgin olive oils.

The best olive oils in the world, ones from Istria, deliver the complexity of pleasing sensations, the balance achieved among all the elements that make an olive oil superb and have a long after. The sensation lasts.

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