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Budget-Friendly Croatian Wines Under 13 EUR


These 4 Croatian wines are excellent value for money. For just under 13 EUR, you’ll find authentic, terroir-driven, and biodynamic wines for an incredible price. Get them before they are gone!

Kosovc Škrlet

Photo: Kosovec, Škrlet

One of the best wines made from Škrlet on the Croatian market.

Kosovec is a biodynamic producer that successfully adds complexity to usually considered light and easy-to-drink summer wine.

With a profound passion for the art of hands-off winemaking, Kosovec has transcended the ordinary and breathed new life into this nearly-forgotten indigenous grape.

We recently opened a bottle of Škrlet Selection from 2017 and were amazed by the complexity and vitality found in the glass.

In its standard form, the Škrlet wine unveils a crystal-clear, pale golden hue, exuding a clean and invigorating bouquet of fresh apples and succulent quince embellished with a touch of spice.

Kosovec’s commitment to a natural winemaking philosophy, both in the vineyard and the cellar, ensures that the distinct and authentic essence of Škrlet permeates every sip.

Though strikingly dry and boasting a medium-to-full body, its gentle acidity harmonizes seamlessly with the unexpectedly elevated alcohol content of this particular grape.

The symphony of aromas melds with an alluring fragrant sensation, kissed by a subtle hint of minerality.

Despite its robust structure, the wine’s refreshing saline undertones and luscious mouthfeel contribute to its irresistible drinkability.

Bedalov Maraština

Photo: Bedalov, Maraština

Step into the world of Bedalov Winery and experience the true embodiment of the phrase “the wine is made in the vineyard.”

Here, on the majestic slopes overlooking Kaštela Bay, the talented hands of Jakša Bedalov carry on the family’s winemaking tradition with utmost passion.

They nurture native grape varieties and work tirelessly to create an environment where the natural ecosystem thrives, resulting in the most exquisite Dalmatian indigenous grapes:

In this wine, the essence of the terroir, vintage, and grape variety intertwines seamlessly, reaching a pinnacle where the winemaker’s touch becomes imperceptible.

The mid-palate richness of perfectly ripe Maraština grapes unfolds into an enchanting herbal and mineral aftertaste.

With its impeccable structure and invigorating character, this wine evolves and progresses within your glass, revealing the essence of immortelle and sage as they transform from the very soul of the stone fruit.

It stands proudly as one of the finest representatives of Dalmatian wine heritage.

Terra Madre Plavac Mali Barrique

Photo: Terra Madre, Plavac Mali

Planting its first vines in 2008. Terra Madre Winery planted one of the first vineyards in the Komarna appellation.

Picture this: 100,000 Plavac Mali vines and 25,000 Pošip vines, all gracefully spread across approximately 16.55 hectares.

Now, let’s talk about the secret ingredients that make Terra Madre’s wines exceptional.

Imagine a microclimate with abundant sunshine caressed by the gentle touch of the nearby sea.

Add to that a prime location and the reflection of sunlight from the magnificent limestone surfaces.

It’s the perfect recipe for an abundance of sun-kissed grapes. These ideal conditions “helped” Terra Madre Winery craft remarkable wines that adhere to global trends and bear the unmistakable essence of their terroir.

If you’re looking for an exceptional Croatian wine that won’t break the bank, Plavac Mali Barrique is a must-try.

This wine is the perfect embodiment of modern elegance, with a medium body that achieves a flawless equilibrium. Its delectable fruity notes are pronounced, and its tannins are velvety and well-mannered.

A touch of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon adds a dash of intrigue.

As you pour it into your glass, you’ll be greeted by a ruby-red hue and the heavenly aroma of fully ripe cherries and plums.

This wine has elegant flavors that are delicately spiced and enhanced by smooth tannins.

In order to create a medium-bodied wine, the grape harvest typically occurs in the latter half of September.

The vineyard team carefully selects only the finest grapes for transportation to the winery, where the wine-making process can begin.

Did we mention that this winery proudly bears the ECO Certification?

Ritoša Cabernet Sauvignon

Photo: Ritoša,Cabernet Sauvignon

For countless generations, the Ritoša family has been producing their wine primarily for their pleasure.

But then along came Ana, the youngest daughter, with a wild idea—to dive headfirst into the world of agriculture and study the art of viticulture.

Suddenly, the family’s winemaking game took a new turn, with a mission to create top-quality wine.

They went all out, adhering to the highest standards in the business.

Now, picture this wine in your glass. It’s got a ravishing deep, dark red color. In terms of aromatic profile berries with a touch of flowers and a dash of minerality leaves a lasting impression.

The tannins and acidity are in perfect harmony, proudly showcasing the unmistakable charm of the magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon grape.

Before bottling, Ritoša Cabernet ages in smaller wooden barrels for at least a year.

Wine aficionados go crazy for this gem—it’s hailed as one of Croatia’s finest when it comes to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best Croatian Cabs in terms of offering value for money.

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