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Croatian winery wins golden medal at prestigious competition

Croatian winery, Barun, has been awarded a golden MUSE award in the Packaging Design-Wine, Beer & Liquor category for their limited and exclusive red sparkling wine, Perle Noire.

The label was designed by Marin Subašić of graphic design studio Cat 01, who has collaborated with Barun for the past six years. The prestigious MUSE awards recognize outstanding achievements in design and creativity, and winning this award is a crowning achievement for the Barun-Subašić collaboration.

Perle Noir

Photo: Marin Subašić, Perle Noir

Perle Noire is a limited, exclusive series of red sparkling wine produced using the traditional method. This sparkling wine is made from Pinot Noir, and the maceration and fermentation process lasted for 50 days. Afterward, the wine was aged for 150 days on fine lees, then underwent secondary fermentation in the bottle, where it was aged for an additional four years on the yeast.

“The idea for the Perle Noire label was to create a luxurious and chic design that reflected the refined and elegant French style typical of all Barun wines. The primary label was designed to look like a brooch, a lavish fashion accessory that served as a buckle for the clothing of nobility and a symbol of prestige and power.

The label is made of fine pearly material and a combination of gray and black shades, with meticulous finishing touches such as blind and foil printing to highlight the complexity and precision of the design, as well as a touch of luxury and mystique.

The luxurious accents and frames and the black pearl in the center further accentuate the design’s opulence. The smaller label around the neck of the bottle prominently displays the brand and product name without disrupting the brooch’s appearance.

Finally, the black ribbon applied to the bottle’s neck visually sets it apart from other wines”, said Marin Šubašić.

Photo: Marin Subašić, Perle Noir

MUSE awards

The MUSE design awards in New York, one of the world’s largest and most professional competitions recognize outstanding creativity and design. It is part of the MUSE Awards program the International Awards Associate created in 2015.

The MUSE Design Awards is an international competition for designers whose work redefines paradigms and whose creativity and thoroughness amaze others. It aims to promote and encourage creativity and set a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design.

The success story of the Barundić family and their Barun wines is attributed to their passion and persistent efforts in viticulture and winemaking in the Croatian Uplands wine region while working on marketing and branding.

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