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Did Josip Galić find Croatian winemaking G-spot?

Vallis Aurea (Latin for Golden Valley) is a name for a specific appellation in Slavonija, near the town of Požega, the famous Kutjevo region. Renowned for its vineyards and wines since the time of the Ancient Rome, Kutjevo is a home of many Croatian cellars including Galić winery.

Even though they started their commercial story in recent 2008, Galić family has been growing vines and producing wines for generations.

Even though they started their commercial story in recent 2008, Galić family has been growing vines and producing wines for generations. But first, let’s talk about this God-given position for wine production. What is so special about Vallis Aurea?

As it was proven by many wine-drinking nations inhabiting this location in the past, micro-climate of the Golden Valley showed to be perfect for growing top quality grapes.

Altitude of 200-330 meters above sea level, south-oriented slopes of surrounding mountains, steady transitions of the four seasons and higher average temperature in autumn than in spring.

In terms of grapes, graševina is the main grape variety and most famous white wine of the region.

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Josip Galić (aka Joža), owner of the winery who originally comes from another business, at some point decided to re-invest in Slavonija and decided winery would be a smart way to leave a legacy.

Today Galić winery occupies 25 ha of vineyards, out of which 80% is Graševina. Their plain Graševina (they have several types) is the flagship of the cellar and a favorite to many, many wine lovers.

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Other than that, they are also growing Sauvignon Blanc (definitely one of the best in Croatia), Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Since the beginning, Josip Galić manages a team of enthusiastic young professionals working in his cellar – with Slaven Jeličić as his master oenologist.

We heard it through the grapevine that 9 is a lucky number for Joža Galić, so no wonder two of his wines from premium positions are named after it – Bijelo (White) 9 and Crno (Black) 9.

What is more, there is another pair of Galić wines with, to say the least, intriguing names: G-spot – both white and red. We are actually not quite sure whether the name suggests Josip Galić found the G-spot of Vallis Aurea where he grows the best grapes or he is simply encouraging us to indulge all our senses with these wines.

We’ll stick to the first assumption, and there is a case for it. Vallis Aurea is definitely a G-spot for Croatian winemaking so it’s no surprise Galić wines are wine-lovers’ favorites.

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The latest we leave for you to find out 😉


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