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DIKA Wine: Celebrating the Flavors of Slavonia in Bottle


The new DIKA wine line of the Enosophia winery was presented to the public in a completely new appearance – proudly Slavonian!

Zagreb, April 26, 2023 – The Forum Gallery in the centre of Zagreb was the setting where the tribute was paid to the perfect combination of wine and art.

New DIKA wine presentation 1
New DIKA wine presentation in Forum Gallery

In the art gallery in the very centre of Zagreb, the Enosophia winery gathered partners of the winery and representatives of the media and relevant institutions, who went through a carefully thought-out tasting of all eight wines, each one paired with a delicious snack in a particular corner of the gallery.

In addition, the guests learned how the new labels were created, in which direction the winery is developing and in what ways it continues to follow and create new trends in a highly competitive market. Given the appropriate ambience and elements that portray and tell the story of the specifics and beauties of Slavonia on the new bottles of DIKA wine, this presentation turned into a kind of exhibition in one moment, as part of which many tried their hand at painting and painted motifs at the paint and wine point from the label.

New DIKA wine presentation 4
New DIKA wine presentation

In addition to numerous guests, representatives of the winery gathered at the gathering, including Martin Kovačević, director of the winery. “As a winery, we are recognisable by our fidelity to the combination of tradition and innovation – we are active in following and creating trends, and at the same time, we do not give up on promoting all the values and beauties of our Slavonia through all our wines that we are proud of. Today, we are here to show all this in another way and talk again about our Feričanac vineyard, everything we create there and what we are proud of. I believe there is no better opportunity to express this than through DIKA, our Slavonia in a bottle”, said Kovačević when addressing the guests.

DIKA is a line of eight wines available on the shelves since 2009. Today, 14 years later, DIKA is presented to the public in its more modern appearance under the umbrella brand Enosophia. 

The line consists of Rose, Graševina, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Frankovka, Cabernet sauvignon, and Sinergo black and Sinergo white blends. With the new look of the DIKA line in Enosophia, they celebrate the perfect combination of wine and art and present their interpretation of everything Slavonia is – proud, resilient, simple, full of the beauty of untouched nature, fertile land and excellent autochthonous varieties.

New DIKA wine presentation 3
Dika wine and food pairing

The rebranding of DIKA wine comes precisely in a period when the intensive popularisation of wine with food is visible, mainly among younger adult wine lovers, which was only sometimes the case recently. Today, wine is the best companion to a favourite meal for an increasing number of people and is not reserved exclusively for fancy dinners and celebrations. Therefore DIKA is the ideal choice that offers premium wines at the best value for money

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