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Top 6 Eco-Friendly Accommodations in Croatia

Dol Hill Estate
Photo credit: Dol Hill Estate

As more travelers seek environmentally responsible options, the demand for eco-friendly accommodations in Croatia has risen. From solar-powered resorts to locally sourced materials, Croatia offers a range of sustainable lodging options that allow visitors to experience the country’s natural beauty while minimizing their environmental impact. In this article, we delve into Croatia’s top eco-friendly accommodation choices, ensuring that your sustainable travel experience is as memorable as it is environmentally conscious.

Heritage Hotel Life Palace, Split

Heritage Hotel Life Palace
Photo credit: Heritage Hotel Life Palace

Located within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Heritage Hotel Life Palace seamlessly blends historical charm with eco-conscious practices.

The Heritage Hotel Life Palace is a magnificent 15th-century building that was once the private residence of the Radmilović family, a prominent Split noble family. This architectural gem has witnessed centuries of intriguing history, preserving its original character and grandeur.

The tasteful integration of antique furniture, elegant décor, and modern amenities creates an atmosphere that exudes both sophistication and warmth.

This boutique hotel has implemented energy-saving measures, such as LED lighting and motion sensors, to minimize its carbon footprint.

Heritage Hotel Life Palace also supports the local community by sourcing ingredients from nearby farmers and artisans, ensuring an authentic and sustainable experience for guests.

Villa Eco, Vošteni

Villa Eco
Photo credit: Villa Eco

Nestled in the idyllic Istrian countryside, Villa Eco combines luxury and sustainability. At the heart of Villa Eco’s charm lies its commitment to sustainability.

The villa’s architecture embraces environmentally friendly practices without compromising elegance and comfort. 

This eco-friendly villa utilizes energy-efficient technologies like geothermal heating and cooling systems.

The villa’s stunning organic garden provides fresh produce for guests, promoting a farm-to-table experience, ensuring that guests nourish themselves while respecting the environment.

Villa Eco is an ideal lodging option for environmentally-conscious tourists due to its sustainable facilities and close proximity to Istria’s delightful towns and scenic vistas.

Boutique Eco Hotel Villa Adriatica, Brač

Hotel Villa Adriatica
Photo credit: Hotel Villa Adriatica

Boutique Hotel Villa Adriatica is an adults-only haven located just 100 meters away from the sandy beach in the picturesque town of Supetar, nestled in the heart of the stunning Croatian island of Brač.

With its tranquil ambiance, modern amenities, and dedication to relaxation, Villa Adriatica is the perfect destination for those seeking a rejuvenating and memorable vacation experience.

From inviting rooms to wellness offerings and event spaces, this boutique hotel promises to deliver authentic Croatian hospitality and exceptional service.

The hotel’s garden, adorned with palm trees and a soothing ambiance, beckons visitors to unwind and bask in the tranquility. Picture yourself enjoying a cup of coffee in the café-bar, surrounded by nature’s beauty and savoring the gentle sea breeze.

For a truly relaxing experience, indulge in the hot tub (jacuzzi), or participate in invigorating morning yoga sessions guided by a skilled therapist.

This boutique hotel is dedicated to ensuring your well-being, offering additional services such as sauna facilities, shiatsu, medical massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, sports massage, and Chinese treatments to enhance your overall relaxation.

Situated in the heart of Supetar, Boutique Hotel Villa Adriatica offers easy access to the beautiful sandy beach and is conveniently located near sports fields.

For those eager to explore the island of Brač and its captivating surroundings, the hotel provides bicycle rental services, promoting eco-friendly transportation and allowing guests to immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty at their own pace.

Whether discovering hidden coves, exploring charming villages, or admiring breathtaking landscapes, Villa Adriatica ensures a memorable and sustainable adventure.

Dol Hills Estate, Brač 

Dol Hills Estate
Photo credit: Dol Hills Estate

Imagine a place where privacy, comfort, stunning views, and eco-friendly experiences come together to create the ultimate luxury getaway.

Located on the beautiful island of Brač, Dol Hills is a secluded villa that offers a serene escape. Whether you’re seeking solitude, relaxation, or reconnecting with nature, this villa provides the perfect sanctuary.

Perched at an impressive height of 430 meters above sea level, Dol Hills offers breathtaking panoramic views that stretch from Trogir to Makarska.

The villa provides exclusive privacy and modern interior design throughout the year, ensuring that you feel at home no matter the season. Away from the light pollution of urban areas, Dol Hills is a paradise for stargazing and night sky observations.

The living room is equipped with a telescope, allowing you to explore the wonders of the cosmos, while the bedroom boasts a “sky bed” where you can drift off to sleep under a canopy of stars.

Dol Hills is not just a luxury retreat; it’s also an embodiment of eco-conscious living. The villa combines innovative, environmentally friendly housing with self-sufficient organic production of fruits and vegetables.

Dol Hills is a haven for all, catering to couples, families, and pets. It’s an ideal location for stylish business meetings and the perfect setting for a romantic wedding under the shimmering stars.

The villa’s surroundings feature steep terrain adorned with cascading gardens, and olive trees. On the upper part of the estate, an organic “U pick” garden awaits, filled with medicinal herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

To enhance your experience, a basket of traditional organic products from the island of Brač awaits you, along with a collection of the finest wines from the region. If desired, a private chef can prepare gastronomic delights exclusively from local ingredients, ensuring a truly authentic culinary journey.

Sustainability is at the heart of Dol Hills. The villa’s philosophy revolves around respecting nature, collaborating with the local community, and contributing to the local economy.

All energy is derived from renewable resources, primarily solar energy. The villa is constructed using natural materials such as wood, marble, and stone sourced from Brač, maintaining a harmonious connection with the island’s heritage.

The villa is cleaned using eco-friendly products, and certified natural cosmetics are available to ensure your well-being.

Bastion Heritage Hotel, Zadar

Bastion Heritage Hotel
Photo credit: Bastion Heritage Hotel

In the heart of Zadar, a charming city on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, lies the exquisite Bastion Heritage Hotel. As part of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux, this enchanting hotel seamlessly blends historical heritage with luxurious modern comforts and upholds the highest standards of excellence in hospitality.

Housed within the 13th-century Kaštel, a former fortress, the hotel exudes an aura of grandeur and timeless elegance. Every corner tells a story, with preserved architectural details showcasing the city’s past.

The Bastion Heritage Hotel’s prime location in Zadar places guests within easy reach of the city’s most captivating attractions. Stepping outside, visitors can embark on a journey through the ancient streets of Zadar’s Old Town, immersing themselves in its rich history and vibrant atmosphere.

The hotel’s proximity to the famous Sea Organ and the enchanting Sun Salutation art installation further enhances the overall experience, allowing guests to witness the city’s unique blend of art, culture, and natural beauty.

The Bastion Heritage Hotel in Zadar is a shining example of the Relais & Châteaux commitment to excellence and sustainability.

With its rich historical setting, luxurious accommodations, exceptional cuisine, and unparalleled location, the hotel offers visitors an enchanting experience that captures the essence of Zadar’s charm.

Olivia Green Camping, Tisno

Olivia Green Camping
Photo credit: Olivia Green Camping

Olivia Green Camping is an idyllic retreat that offers a unique experience for those seeking a harmonious blend of serenity, outdoor activities, and sustainable, eco-friendly accommodation.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the pristine Adriatic Sea, campers wake up to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore, accompanied by the gentle rustling of leaves in the nearby woods.

With a diverse range of accommodation options, from cozy tents to eco-friendly cabins, Olivia Green Camping provides a comfortable and immersive experience that connects visitors with nature.

Olivia Green Camping goes above and beyond to minimize its environmental impact, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Embracing sustainable living, the campsite uses renewable energy sources, solar panels, and wind turbines to power its facilities. Waste reduction is also a priority, emphasizing recycling, composting, and encouraging guests to minimize single-use plastics.

Through initiatives like water conservation and responsible waste management, Olivia Green Camping strives to preserve the pristine beauty of its surroundings for generations to come.

Beyond its natural wonders, the closeness to National Park Kornati and Krka, Tisno boasts a vibrant local culture and warm hospitality. Take a stroll through the town’s charming streets, where centuries-old architecture tells tales of its rich history.

Delight your taste buds with authentic Croatian cuisine at the local restaurants, indulging in fresh seafood delicacies and traditional dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Olivia Green Camping provides a unique festival camping experience, allowing guests to be part of the electric atmosphere while enjoying the tranquility of their eco-friendly haven.

Olivia Green Camping in Tisno stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature, sustainability, and immersive experiences.

With its emphasis on eco-conscious practices, diverse outdoor adventures, and cultural immersion, the campsite offers a transformative journey for visitors seeking respite from the urban bustle.


Croatia’s commitment to sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices is reflected in its diverse range of eco-friendly accommodation options.

Whether you prefer camping, villas, or boutique hotels, there is an eco-friendly lodging choice to suit your sustainable travel preferences.

By choosing these top seven accommodations, you can enjoy Croatia’s natural wonders while contributing to the preservation of its environment and local communities.

Embrace eco-friendly accommodation and sustainable travel in Croatia, and let the beauty of this magnificent country leave a positive and lasting impact.


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