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With elevation and precision towards fresh, structured Kota Sparkling and Still

Kota vinery

After conquering 267 and 255, we have reached Elevation 375. The meaning of these numbers is now clear. As the powerful mousse lifts in a champagne glass only to settle down a moment later, the importance of elevation comes to mind. „Kota“ literally means elevation, a physical vertical distance from a referent point. Conveniently, it is also the winery owner’s name.

Tihomir Kota is a mechanical engineer with lots of love for fine wine. Enough love to plant his own Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc at a total of 2 ha but on different positions. Precision is presented not only on the label.

Winery Kota
Where elevation magic happens

The precise number on each bottle is an accurate elevation of the vineyard. More importantly, the content of each bottle shows the precision of the work in the vineyard and the cellar.

Yes, this means Tihomir Kota is not just another winery owner but a dedicated winemaker as well. Similar to the features of a good engineer, there are common features for every Kota bottle: clean, structured, fresh.

Kota 255 Extra Brut is a balanced sparkler with apple aromatics along the palate. Optimum fruit ripeness picked for a traditional method sparkling wine. Acids in harmony with low sugar content and invisible alcohol presence, a balance achieved with blending Chardonnay and Riesling.

Kota vineyard

Kota 267 is another Extra Brut of the traditional method. Lime, quinine, and dried fruit aromatics on a nose, green pear, and peaches on the palate. Freshness and acid backbone with a mildly creamy finish pair perfectly with anything with a taste of the sea, shells especially.

Straw yellow is the color of Kota 375, the highest vineyard and planted in Sauvignon Blanc. Elder, nettle, and lemongrass dominate the aromatics. Light and harmonious wine, an ideal fragrance to pair with vegetable dishes.

Kota 267 is a much more yeasty experience, which makes sense because it’s a Chardonnay grape aged on fine lees. But this Sur Lie Chardonnay has a lean body and well-rounded taste full of fruit, structured to accompany anything from cold cuts to heavier dishes.

Kota started in a family garage and today its annual production is 10 000 bottles of sparkling and still wine, still not much more than many “garagistes”. However, passion and control in balance is an approach which brings fruits. Quite literally, in a glass 🙂 Cheers!

Kota vinery

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