Nenad Trifunovic

How Enosophia Will Change the Way You Think about Slavonian wine

Did you know that one in every five vines grown in Croatia is Graševina? If it is true that knowledge comes before wisdom, Croatia’s brand new ENOSOPHIA winery is built on excellent foundations.

TRS NO.5 (Vine Number 5) is the very first wine produced by ENOSOPHIA, a modern winery resting on Slavonia’s ancient wine-growing traditions.

The name itself, Enosophia, is a union of ancient Greek words for wine and wisdom. “Oeno” + “sophia” = something new from something old. All the knowledge gathered through the years is harnessed in the service of technologically advanced winemaking for the purpose of enhancing wine enjoyment.

For example, TRS NO.5 is made from Graševina grapes picked in older vineyards averaging more than 30 years of age. The fruit proved ideal for producing a more structured, but still refreshing, white wine carrying textbook Graševina flavors, only in a slightly fuller and smoother package.This style of Graševina can be enjoyed on its own, but might shine even more brightly with a hearty meal or at least a platter of cold cuts, a time-honoured pairing in the variety’s Slavonian home. An old combo, now made pitch-perfect by the clean flavor profile and pleasant roundness of versatile Graševina.

Enosofia’s old cellar, dating back to 1804, still shelters some extraordinary red wines. The new 2020 facility, however, takes this burnished charm to another level, incorporating principles of sustainability and social responsibility. Even the barrels are made from Slavonian oak, using trees surrounding the nearby old family vineyards.Enosophia-cellarEven the type of bottle that is used reflects the winery’s innovative approach. The labels are interactive, the objective being to educate consumers about the wine itself as well as about the winery. All that is required is a free Android/iOS application. You simply scan the label. 

The scan will, for example, tell you that Matarouge is a Frankovka (Blaufränkisch)/Pinot Noir blend from a near-namesake plot, picked separately, quickly pressed, and fermented for 12 days at a controlled temperature (16°C). Post-malo, it is kept on fine lees for 3 months, with battonage. The wine’s fine raspberry flavors are boosted by a range of subtle herbal aspects. A rose’ that, in a single sip, can truly take you back to Slavonia’s fields.enosophia-wines

Perhaps the best example of a thoughtful blend of tradition and technology is their latest release, “Nice to see you. A pleasure, indeed: “Nice to see you” is a Charmat-method sparkling delight, a blend of Pinot Noir and, of course, Chardonnay. This gentle salmon-hued sparkler displays an impeccable balance, its refreshing lightness inspiring a never-ending desire for yet another sip.

A keen eye might notice that the bottle design is different for each of the three bottlings. A deliberate difference? Indeed so. These are, after all, Individual wines, each with a story to tell, wisely unpretentious, and firmly rooted.

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