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Extra virgin olive oil and your pets


There are a lot of food that we as humans use everyday but it doesn’t mean that they are good for your dog. This is not the case when it comes to extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E – nutrients that contribute to physiological balance and strengthen immunity.

Is olive oil good for dogs?

You would not believe it, but dogs can have extra virgin olive oil. If the granules that you give them are dry, you are free to mix them with extra virgin olive oil and your pet will eat them without hesitation.

If a dog has a problem with poor movement or being overweight, the salvation is in extra virgin olive oil, because monounsaturated fatty acids help break down fat.

Monounsaturated fats also help prevent and alleviate cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Studies have shown that oleic acid, which extra virgin olive oil contains, helps prevent cancer.

The large amount of antioxidants found in this food also helps in strengthening the immune system. This is especially important when the weather and temperature are change, as is currently the case, because then we and our pets are more susceptible to viruses and infections.

For older dogs extra virgin olive oil is important because it nourishes their brains and helps them stay clear longer. pets-and-olive-oil

Dog care – olive oil as a remedy

However, in addition to all the health benefits extra virgin olive oil can also be used for the purpose of caring for your pet! Just like people use extra virgin olive oil for skin, hair and if you apply this treatment to your pet, his hair will be shinier and his skin softer.

Some owners have been convinced that it has an amazing effect on a dog’s skin and hair. Owners’ experiences of dogs starting to lose hair that has completely fallen out on some parts of their body are well known. After a few weeks of feeding meals enriched with extra virgin olive oil, dogs would grow completely new hair on those parts. It also helps with dry and dandruffy skin.

Extra virgin olive oil is known to be very healthy, food and medicine. It is often pointed out that a good portion of the food that people eat should not be given to dogs as well, extra virgin olive oil is not one of them.

Veterinarians point out that extra virgin olive oil is also healthy for dogs, but not in excessive amounts because it is still fat. It is not recommended to eat more than one tablespoon a day, which is added at the end, after cooking a meal.

In addition to being so healthy, extra virgin olive oil is dog-friendly and very tasty.

Benefits for your dog using Extra virgin olive oil

  1. Most dogs love taste of extra virgin olive oil 
  2. Helps your dog lose weight
  3. Promotes optimal dog health
  4. Defends the immune system
  5. Prolong the life of your dog
  6. It is food for the brain
  7. Gives energy to your dog
  8. Extra virgin olive oil for dogs is also a beauty treatment

Can cats eat olive oil?

mica maca kitty

Feeding our pet nutritiously and healthily is an obligation, but you will surely see very positive results, not only in the health of the cat, but also in its mood.

  • It has good monounsaturated fats, which reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Fats are burned and metabolized very efficiently.
  • Facilitates cat weight loss thanks to the same monounsaturated fats that break down fat within their same cell. This is importance, because one of the reasons for the highest mortality of cats is obesity, because they suffer from a stroke.

Food like extra virgin olive oil that have a flavor and a fruity, fresh and natural feel are always pleasing to the cat’s taste and it contributes incredibly to your pet’s health. 

It will be enough to include a tablespoon of oil in your cats food at least 3 times a week. Mix it so that the oil absorbs the food, doesn’t get lost on the plate and can do its job well. You don’t have to add more amount.

Connection between extra virgin olive oil and your pets is very good. Your pets will enjoy in every bite!


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