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Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) – The pride of the Feravino Winery from Slavonia

Feravino Winery, from Feričanci, is a continental wine producer focused on red wine production. The pride of their wine cellar, Frankovka (Blaufrankisch), is the grape variety that they call “the queen of their vineyards.”.

Feravino tradition goes back to the 18th century when the still existing wine cellar was built. The vineyards are planted on the gentle slopes of Krndija mountain, perfectly exposed to daily sunlight. Today, Feravino owns more than 150 hectares of vineyards and they are the leading winery in the Feričanci area.

Feravino Wine Cellar

In the vineyards, Graševina is the most planted white variety, while Frankovka (Blaufrankish),one of Feravino top wines, is the most represented black variety.

laufrankisch gives wines with moderate tannins, lively acidity and fruits like sour cherry with peppery notes. This is the wine that accompanies food perfectly and cuts through the traditional Slavonian cuisine – fat and meaty.

The one you are proud of – DIKA wines

DIKA stands for “the one you are immensely proud” in Croatian. DIKA Graševina was one the most awarded wines of Feravino. A refreshing wine with balanced acidity and notes of lime, luxurious ripe grapes and acacia on the nose.

Aromatic and crisp Graševina is inevitable at every celebration in Slavonia. There is no festivity that goes without the most planted variety of continental Croatia.

Slavonian Black Treasure

MIRAZ is a traditional custom in Slavonia. Gold, jewelry, money, land and other family values that were kept for young girls, as a gift to her husband after she’ll be married. Girls brought values from their family homes into their new life and new community.

A wedding ceremony in Slavonia is a particularly festive event as the celebration lasts for days.


Likewise, the Miraz selection of Feravino wines wants to bring the tradition of collecting valuable material (grapes) and keeping them until the moment is just perfect for us consumers to enjoy it.

This is the premium line of wines, carefully selected in the vineyard and the winery. Just like the family, these wines would like to give consumers the best they kept through time. Their vineyard valuables.

MIRAZ Frankovka wine is a combination of oak and varietal characteristics of Blaufrankisch.

The oak softens acidic characteristics of this grape and strengthens the body. The result in the glass is rich and powerful Frankovka, concentrated and appealing and, yet, easy to enjoy.
Sour cherry aromas are accompanied by vanilla, pepper and dark chocolate on the palate. Aged in barrique, the oak here isn’t dominant but expressed through fine spices and vanilla.

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