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First complete guide on Croatian wines in English – Cracking Croatian Wine

“Croatia is a fascinating country. A number of indigenous grape varieties is staggering. These grapes produce wines with unique flavors and textures. Croatia also has a wealth of micro-climates for such a small country. Because of the landscape and coastal areas, nearly every wine grape-growing climate is available “, state the authors of Cracking Croatian Wine, Charine Tan and Dr. Matthew Horkey.

After their first two wine guides Uncorking the Caucasus and Sipping Santa Barbara, traveling through Balkans led the authors to Croatia. Coast of thousand islands attracts millions of tourists every year but remains relatively unknown to the wine world.

Part of the reason lays in the rarity of Croatian wines on the international market. The production here is very limited and large number of wineries remains family-owned and small, regarding the rest of the world. Most of the wines can be consumed only locally and with the right wine guide, you’ll save time and money searching.

Cracking Croatian Wine is the first, serious wine guide written in English with valuable information collected during eight-month long research, Charine Tan and Matthew Horkey conducted. Guide to Croatian Wine covers four main wine growing regions and complete recommendations to the best 150 wine labels that they found, among more than 2.000 tasted wines in total.

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Along with the top producers in the country, authors reveal to the radar places and wines that most of the Croatian wine world could be intrigued with. Besides being in-depth wine guide, Cracking Croatian Wine has a serious potential of becoming your travel guide to Croatia leading you to amazing places connected to wines. Like Plešivica, premium sparkling wine production area, only 30-minute drive from the capital, Zagreb.

Croatia is producing some of the most exciting wines in Europe, but the trouble is how to reach them

“The book will save the readers’ time from doing research and money from trying different kinds of wine in order to figure out what’s the best for themselves. Croatia is producing some of the most exciting wines in Europe, but production quantities of the top wines are small. Many of these wines are difficult to find. One has to know what to look and where to look for them. If the readers are here on a vacation, surely, they don’t want to spend their holiday with bad wine. We’ll help them find the good ones!”

“What do I wish I knew when I visited this wine region for the first time?”

Cracking Croatian Wine is written for wine enthusiasts and the adventurous palates. The authors are always trying to find and reveal the most important thing about the region; they wish someone told them when they visited for the first time.

“Mainland Dalmatia is often overlooked in favour of the coast, which is a mistake because there are a number of exciting projects in Benkovac, Imotski, and Plastovo. The Island Vis has the reputation of producing rustic, poor-quality wines, and that’s not all true; we found a number of exceptional wines, including one of the best Plavac Mali wine over there. “

Authors of Cracking Croatian Wine, Charine Tan and dr. Matthew Horkey

“The country is capable of producing every style of wine, which is quite a feat for such a small area. We found excellent examples of dry, sparkling, macerated, and late-harvest wines during our time in Croatia. The country has been on the cusp of something big for a while. We hope our book will catapult Croatia to its well-deserved next stage of growth.”

First complete guide on Croatian wines, written in English is released now and you can buy the electronic version here or look for paperback version on Amazon.

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