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Graševina without limits! First international wine conference about Graševina in Zagreb

The first international wine conference about the Graševina grape variety will be held in Zagreb on 1st July 2017. The most planted grape variety in Croatia will be displayed along with wines from Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria.

Winemaker Vlado Krauthaker

Graševina is recognized and accessible for an everyday wine, giving one of the best price and quality ratio. But this diverse variety is also capable of producing wide range of wine styles, ranging from sparkling to ice wines.

The wine conference called Graševina without limits is set up to show this diverse character of Graševina, presenting notable producers from wine regions of Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Hungary.

The conference will take place at the Hotel International Zagreb and visitors will be able to taste the wines from 11:00 to 18:00. As part of this one-day wine conference, special workshops will be held during the day. Entrance is free.

In numbers, Graševina covers more than 20% of vine plantings in Croatia, mainly on the continent. It is most likely that the first white wine you’ll taste here, will be Graševina. Most of the wines are made in young and fresh style, with nice acidity and green apple, pears and quince on the nose.

When planted on premium positions, like Mitrovac from Krauthaker winery or Hrnjevac from Adžić winery it gives structured and complex wines, that often last and develop in the bottle for years.

Graševina without limits will be a great way to start exploring diversity of this grape variety, also called Welschriesling, Laškiriesling, Olazsriesling, Riesling Italico, RizlingVlašsky. Wine professionals do agree that the variety shows the best results right here in Croatia.

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