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Greatness from Iron Mountain – Groszer Wine

The influence of iron-rich soils in wines is well established within the wine community. From time to time we encounter a mineral expression in wine but lack the words to describe it.  It feels like some tonic, vibrant and alive nutrition in case You are sipping some Blaüfrankisch terroir wine from Eisenberg.

Eisenberg literally means an iron mountain, and wines from the iron-rich soils achieve elegance and velvety tannin structure as well as a certain spiciness or herbal aspects.

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Along with the actual iron content, which is very high here, the mineral expression is what creates a difference from one vineyard to another. Top single vineyards are Szapary and Saybritz. The view is spectacular:

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but the distinctiveness lies in the soil and climate conditions. The soil is mainly greenschist with quartz inclusions and is in the best positions, the vines are rooted directly into the rock.

Such as the ones of our host, Matthias Krön, Managing Director of Groszer Wine

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Thanks to him, Groszer Wine selection is now available at the Wine&more. 

Top labels are Blaüfrankisch from Szapary and Saybritz vineyards. These wines show what a terroir can achieve.

Compared glass to glass, Saybritz is more full-bodied but with a clear and clean essence, more extracted but not heavy. Szapary is generally more delicate, mineral, herbal and bright with smoothness without losing any character.

In 2017, a change in style was introduced with whole grape cluster fermentation and it shows great potential.

But there are ready to drink now wines. Rote Kuvee, deliberately misspelled, is actually great value. Fruit forward red blend with gentle minerality is a lovely introduction to Eisenberg.

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DAC Eisenberg Blaüfrankisch is equally affordable and delivers typicity of Eisenberg with elegance, light and easy-drinking wine of less extraction but with focus and direction. “Without style, variations are meaningless,” said Matthias.

The concept we grasped after tasting the cool, minty freshness of Blaüfrankisch DAC Reserve vom Riegl.

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A perfect example of greatness from otherwise everywhere impossible vintage od 2014. In the vintage of 2014, the mineral expression is so pure, so bare naked. What`s the easiest way to explain minerality in a glass of red wine from iron-rich soils of Eisenberg? The taste of blood.

And You can savor it. We are proud Groszer Wine selection is now available on Wine&more

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