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Historical Moment: First Decanter Gold for Plavac Mali!

First-ever Decanter Gold for Plavac Mali goes to Marjan Vron Bod 2012! Plavac Mali is the most worshiped red wine variety in Croatia, for sure. A wine symbol of the national prize, Plavac has a long history and is rooted in the veins of all wine lovers in the region.  The wild child of the Adriatic often came with high alcohol, some residual sugars, and a really powerful structure.

Tonci Marjan - Decanter Gold

On the sunniest Croatian island, Hvar, Plavac catches all the sun it can. Vineyards are often spread along the seaside with the sun reflecting from the sea, rocky terrains, and the sky. All of those sun rays caught in single berry, can you imagine the power accumulated?

Winery Marjan, Vron Bod Plavac Mali, and the winemaker Tonči Marjan – Photo: Facebook

Tonči Marjan is a boutique winemaker from the small village of Pitve on Hvar, producing a limited series of only around 1.000 bottles per label. Very passionate about his approach to Plavac Mali, in his interview for Vinske priče, Tonči said he finds Plavac mali wines with only 13-13,5 % of alcohol inferior.

Dedicated to producing extreme versions of Plavac Mali, leaving nobody indifferent, Tonči said he won’t sell his wines to someone who doesn’t understand or appreciate the expression. In recent years, with his limited production, he successfully gathered a large number of followers. People that found something stunning and unforgettable in his wines.

Marjan Winery, Vron Bod 2012 – Decanter Gold Medal

Extreme Plavac Mali, winery Marjan Vron Bod 2012., with 15,4% alcohol is the first Plavac in Croatia with a gold medal from the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Vron Bod is a micro-location on Ivan Dolac vineyard position, as the winemaker would say his “grand cru”.  Depending on the vintage, wines from this micro-location range from 14,5 – 16,7 % of alcohol and up to 20-30 grams of residual sugar.

This golden medal shines even stronger for the grape variety. As Tonči Marjan believes. Plavac Mali shouldn’t be tamed because it has what it takes to produce fascinating and unforgettable wine.

Hand-picked and carried Plavac Mali grapes from unapproachable vineyards – Photo: Facebook

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