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Zagreb’s restaurant Noel has the best sommelier of continental Croatia

Sommelier and co-owner of Zagreb’s restaurant Noel, Ivan Jug is the best sommelier of continental Croatia for 2017. Ivan, superb wine connoisseur presented a comprehensive mastery of skills in this profession at the championship held on November 6 at the Academy of Wines in Zagreb.

Ivan Jug was declared as the best sommelier of continental Croatia 2017 – Photo: Noel Facebook

Ivan Jug entered the professional world of wine seven years ago and progressed very rapidly. This is not the first time that Ivan Jug received the award for the best sommelier of continental Croatia. But this time he came face to face with his colleague from the Noel restaurant Goran Petrić and the Zagorje sommelier Ivan Greblički from the Kumrovec restaurant Zelenjak.

For the supreme sommelier, it is necessary to know the wine culture of the whole world, a lot of tasting, continuous learning, development and upgrading of knowledge. Ivan Jug possesses this very characteristic. Before him is the exam of the first two stages in the Court of Master Sommelier, the world’s most important sommelier organization.

Ivan Jug was declared as the best sommelier of continental Croatia 2017 – Photo: Noel Facebook

With a number of professional awards, Ivan Jug is also responsible for the best wine list in Zagreb, which includes the wines of Domaine Romanee Conti, as well as for a successful program of luxury wine dinners.

Ivan’s wine recommendations and wine service can be experienced at the Noel restaurant in Zagreb, which recently celebrated its first birthday.

Noel restaurant – Photo: Noel Facebook

Noel is remarkable for its excellent gastronomic experience whether you are for a la carte, tasting menu or chefs table. This luxury bistro of gastrotainment orientation daily strives to enhance concepts and quality of cooking. Chef Goran Kočiš’s culinary approach is based on moving the boundaries of contemporary cuisine by combining innovative culinary techniques with dominant local seasonal foods.

Noel restaurant – Photo: Noel Facebook

For the experience of the modern fine dining is certainly credit of the duo that managed to maintain Noel as excellent restaurant for wine dinners. This is supported by the fact that Noel hosted the world’s leading wineries such as Ornellaia, Nikolaihof and Nino Franco.

Whether you choose to go to Noel for lunch, dinner or just a glass of wine, you cannot compare what you experience there with any of the other restaurants in Zagreb.

Noel restaurant – Photo: Noel Facebook


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