Meet the Team and the Story behind Wine&more

It was never about business. Passion changes everything, and if we could honestly state our mission, it would be sharing our passion for wine.

And with wines changing our lives, we desired to change the lives of everybody for the better. As we dived into the unknown, we realized there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

We haven’t compromised our values or our passion, and we’re still committed to making a difference in the lives of our customers.

It feels good to be grateful. If a day lasted more than 24 hours, we would still have time to wonder if the person from Finland or Portugal who has ordered wine has tried it yet and if they like it.

The reason we are passionate about wine has not changed. Wines that make everyone happy, no matter where they are from or what the occasion is. To us, this is more than a job – it is a way to make people smile with every sip they take.

We quit our jobs so we could achieve our goals. Achieving goals requires dedication and hard work. All the things taken for granted require problem-solving skills to make sure the wine arrives on time and in good condition, to begin with…

And with each and every success, just like with each and every mistake, every single order will be resolved to customer satisfaction. Because it was never about the money. It’s about feeding our passion whenever a customer is surprised by how good our wine is.

It makes us never question should’ve Dario left his high-paying job in the bank or Nenad his 20-year Creative Director career in a marketing agency.

Each time someone orders an unknown, small-production hidden gem from lesser-known wine countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Serbia, we know we have created something that hasn’t existed before.

That’s why we’re here. To travel to remote vineyards, meet with passionate vintners, and hand-select the bottles for true wine lovers of the world. To share our insight into small, sustainable, devoted practices that are often overlooked. To connect with everybody searching for something different, unique, and diverse.

That passion spread to more people who also wanted to pursue their dreams. Inspired by the charm and uniqueness of distinctive wines, vineyards, and winemakers, now it’s also Victor, Tea, Valentina, Maja, and Ivan, making the dream real.

It’s Ana who processes your order, and it’s Neven with his team packing it in specialized boxes. They rarely meet Mihael, who is behind his keyboard, making certain the software runs smoothly.

We are wineandmore.com, and each of us is dedicated to being a part of the place where wine lovers can indulge in the unique, the rare, and the unforgettable. We want to be a place where people can try new things instead of sticking to the same old wines.

As you scroll through wineandmore.com, you’ll be transported to vineyards far away, where the sun beats down on rows of lush grapevines, and the scent of fermenting grapes fills the air. Where each bottle they offer has a unique story, and we hand-selected each one with care so that everyone, everywhere, can enjoy those beautiful wines as we did.

Most likely, you already know such wine is much more than just a drink. It’s a journey, a connection to the person and the place where the grapes were grown, a significant moment in a lifetime of memory. It’s not about being “the best”.

It’s about diversity. Discovering beauty in the unknown. And you can be sure that out of all the wines we’ve tasted, the ones that made our hearts skip a beat can be found on wineandmore.com

From our hearts to your glass, we’re in this together.

Let’s make the most of it.

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