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Pušipel: Unique wine branding with iconic bottle and glass design

A record number of awards from international wine evaluations in previous years confirms that Pušipel is the most exciting variety for Međimurje and northern Croatia wine-growing region.

This light and lively wine have a beautiful, clear yellowish-green color and a finely filled, rounded taste with mild alcohol. The most delightful aspect of its flavor is the intensely fruity aftertaste, which features a sweet and sour interplay and a pleasantly bitter finish.

The origin of Pušipel

Source: Urbanovo, Štrigova wine-growing region

Pušipel, a white grape variety with its first recorded origins dating back to the first half of the 19th century, was first mentioned in the vineyards of Dragoslavec Breg. However, Pušipel disappeared soon after, and the wine was produced under Šipon or Moslavac names.

This grape variety is known as Furmint in Hungary, while it is called Mosler in Austria and Germany. Over the years, local institutions and the winemakers association played a crucial role in protecting the old variety named Pušipel as a county trademark. As a result, producers outside the association and Međimurje wine region could not use this name in the future.

Furthermore, a new wine bottle and a wine glass design were created, exclusively used for this variety only when it meets the required quality and style standards. Wines that do not meet the given standards or come from outside the association or Međimurje winemakers are still typically referred to as Moslavac or Šipon.

Međimurje wine region brand

Međimurje winemakers have made a concerted effort to revitalize the Pušipel name, which comprises half the region’s approximately 1000 hectares of vineyards. This effort began with eight families who formed the Hortus Croatiae association of winemakers and winegrowers. 

Now, the association boasts around 20 members, aiming to establish Pušipel as a prestigious regional brand. Međimurje’s winemaking tradition is also a significant factor in its success. 

The love and dedication that goes into winemaking is a way of life for many in the Međimurje wine region, and it shows in the quality of their wines. 

Many confirmed that the Međimurje wine region had shown the greatest development in the last decade, especially regarding wine quality and marketing. 

Tasting rooms are often available to visitors without an appointment, allowing them to experience the warmth and hospitality of Međimurje’s winemakers firsthand.

And then there is Urbanovo, one of the must-visit Croatian wine festivals, which provides a unique and unforgettable experience thanks to top showcased Pušipel wines and gastronomic delicacies. 

Pušipel and its innovative branding strategy

Source: Urbanovo, Međimurje winemakers association “Hortus Croatie”

In 2018, the association of Međimurje winemakers ‘Hortus Croatiae’ collaborated on a design of a unique bottle for Pušipel wine. This pioneering initiative has resulted in all regional winemakers using the recognizable, elegant 0.75L bottle shaped for their Pušipel wine. Recently, a specially designed glass has also been introduced to enhance the drinking experience for wine enthusiasts who appreciate the unique qualities of Pušipel wine. 

The glass is focused on highlighting the wine’s delicate aromas and flavors, making each sip a memorable one. 

Source: Urbanovo, Pušipel wine glass


Pušipel tasting notes

Over time, the demand for Pušipel has consistently increased as it proves to be resistant to climate changes that affect other wine regions worldwide. This variety is versatile and not overpowering in aroma, making it ideal for highlighting the Međimurje terroir. 

With a distinctive citrus sweetness on the finish, Pušipel is an excellent accompaniment to food and never feels heavy or filling. It always maintains a nice dose of freshness, and the alcohol content is kept smaller. 

Pušipel has a beautiful golden-yellow color and a fruit-forward taste and aroma. Its loamy-clay soil produces a smoky minerality in the taste, which pairs well with juicy pork dishes. 

Refreshing flavors of lemon, lime, and green apple can be found in this lively wine, with distinct mineral-citrus notes and a pronounced acidity that allows it to complement medium and strongly seasoned dishes. Pušipel demonstrates great potential as a Međimurje brand wine variety.

Notable Pušipel winemakers

Pušipel wines
Source: Urbanovo, Pušipel wines

Međimurje wine region is located in northern Croatia. Some of the unique Croatian vineyards are located there. It is known for producing some of the best wines from the Pušipel grape variety. 

Some notable Pušipel producers and winemakers from the Međimurje wine region, whose wines have won numerous awards and are highly sought after by wine lovers, are

  • Dvanajščak Kozol winery,
  • Cmrečnjak winery,
  • Preiner winery, 
  • Štampar winery, 
  • Kocijan winery, 
  • Podrumi Štrigova winery, 
  • Jakopić winery, 
  • Horvat winery,
  • Tomšić winery, 
  • Novak winery,

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