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Saints Hills for Kids

Ernest Tolj Dingač is our way to say ‘Thank You’ to Nature, to our vineyard, to Sun and Sea.”

We make this wine only in the best years, from the best-selected grape. It is fermented and matured for at least 24 months in new French oak, and made in very limited quantity, only one or two barrels per vintage.

The bottle that holds it, with platinum neck decoration, got a Red Dot design award as the best design for the wine bottle that year. The decoration is inspired by an old iron window grill at our winery.

For us, the only way to do justice for this beautiful wine was to make it our humanitarian project. It is dedicated to helping the kids in need. For many years, all profit from selling this wine was donated to kids without proper parental care, sick children, and children with developmental issues.

This year our goal is to help those little ones who were born prematurely, and need a nursery to survive and develop properly. So, this vintage is for our ‘Palčići’, since it is the moment of their need in Croatian hospitals. 


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