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Sparkling drops of unique grape varieties coming from Barun Winery, Plešivica

Fifty kilometers from Zagreb, on the slopes of Plešivica, in the village of Brezarić, a small winery owned by the Barundić family found its place. What makes them special are their sparkling wines. Brut, Rose and Muscat are their quality sparkling wines, but what makes this winery distinctive in Croatia is their Manzoni Ice wine.

Sparkling wines from Barun winery (Photo: Julio Grangen Photo)

The boutique winery Barun is located in the picturesque Krašić region, which is famous for Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac. This family winery plants over three hectares. The landscape along which the vine grows can hardly be described by words. It is marked by the sloping areas with moderate continental climate, ideal for wine growing.

The Barun winery is one of the smallest wineries on Plešivica. This is reflected in the fact that the entire vineyard is handled by one family, mostly by owner Josip Barundić and his wife Mare. A lot of effort and love was needed to create a winery that now offers a whole range of sparkling wines.

In their boutique collection, they have the Barun nature brut (from the Manzoni variety) to which they are most proud of, the Barun rosé (from the Pinot Noir) and the Barun Muscat which is the only sparkling wine from the Yellow Muscat grape variety in Croatia.

Josip and Mare Barundić, the owners of Barun winery (Photo: Julio Grangen Photo)

The Brut, from Manzoni grape variety, is delightful in its aroma. Rosé is a classic fruity, fresh and cheerful Pinot Noir in a rosemary version of the gentle pink colour. Muscat sparkling wine with its enchanting taste and scent has come to a large number of fans and is almost sold out.

Rosé by Barun winery is a classic fruity, fresh and cheerful Pinot Noir (Photo: Julio Grangen Photo)

The Barun winery is the only Croatian winery that produces sparkling wine from the Manzoni grape variety. Manzoni proved to be an ideal variety for sparkling wine because it adopted the aroma, elegance, silk and fine acids as it is the cross of Rhine Riesling and Pinot Noir.

This is what makes it different. Besides sparkling wine, they also produce the Manzoni Icewine, which is smooth, elegant and seductive; it overwhelms you with its freshness and aroma.

Josip Barundić says his ideal meal begins with the company of sparkling wine, continues with the Manzoni Icewine, and ends with the Brut Graševina – the most prominent Croatian variety. Planted on the Plešivica, Graševina shows a special fruity character and freshness on every sip.

Sparkling wines from Barun winery (Photo: Julio Grangen Photo)

Commitment to work, thoughtfulness and the desire for top quality are what inspired Josip Barundić, who is born in France, for making a unique wine drops. His winery is known locally, but it is finding its way to better Zagreb restaurants and wine shops. They can be bought at Zagreb’s wine shops Miva, Dropi, Dornberg and Vintesa. During summertime, Barun sparkling wines can sparkle in Dubrovnik as well.

Still, the real taste of sparkling wines can only be experienced in Plešivica, which is considered as a home of Croatian sparkling wines. The only one hour-long drive from Croatia’s capital city Zagreb will bring you into a brand, new world. Plešivica is a place which delights all true wine fans with its green slopes and 2,300 hectares of vineyards. Every drop tastes better in Plešivica.

Photo Credit: Jastrebarsko Tourist Board


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