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The First Teran to Score 95 WE Points: Fakin Winery Makes History!

Step into the prestigious realm of wine appreciation with the remarkable Fakin winery Teran Il Primo, which has been bestowed a remarkable 95-point rating by the esteemed American magazine Wine Enthusiast.

Renowned for its influence and expertise in the wine industry, Wine Enthusiast recognizes and celebrates the remarkable achievements of individuals and companies that have significantly contributed to the world of wine.

Photo credit: Fakin Winery

The Fakin Winery, driven by a deep-rooted passion for vineyards and vines, has meticulously cultivated its love for winemaking over the years. Their unwavering commitment, coupled with the unique Motovun soil, a favorable climate blessed with abundant sunshine and refreshing winds, and an unparalleled understanding of their grapes, ensures the creation of exceptional wines of the highest quality.

With this prestigious accolade, Fakin’s Teran Il Primo from the 2019 vintage becomes the first Teran to grace the market with a remarkable 95-point rating. It cements this young family winery as a true ambassador of Teran, positioning it as a world-class wine. It is a testament to the consistent excellence of Istrian winemaking.

Marko Fakin, the visionary behind this exceptional wine, expresses his profound honor at the recognition from Wine Enthusiast, a highly influential publication whose evaluations shape the landscape of the global wine market. “I am extremely honored that Wine Enthusiast, one of the most esteemed wine magazines worldwide, has awarded our Teran Il Primo from the outstanding 2019 vintage a remarkable 95 points. This achievement holds a special place in my heart as teran is my life’s project, the pride of Motovun’s vineyards, and an internationally acclaimed variety,” says Marko Fakin.

Marko Fakin, the winemaker

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey with Teran Il Primo, an elegant and sophisticated wine of unparalleled character. Crafted with utmost precision and dedication, it showcases the essence of world-class winemaking. Immerse yourself in the seamless harmony of flavors, where directness and reliability meet a luxuriously full-bodied experience. Each bottle of Teran Il Primo is meticulously created by hand-selecting the finest grapes, with roots dating back to 1972, ensuring a truly exceptional and unforgettable tasting experience. The wine’s uniqueness and depth are further enhanced through a meticulous 24-month aging process in oak barrels, adding a touch of refinement and complexity.

In addition to the extraordinary success of Teran Il Primo, Marko Fakin’s opus in this year’s Wine Enthusiast evaluation boasts a remarkable 93 points for Teran from the exceptional 2021 vintage and an impressive 90 points awarded to the delightful Malvasia La Prima from the superb 2020 vintage. These accolades further solidify Fakin Winery’s commitment to excellence and its unwavering dedication to creating exceptional wines that delight the most discerning palates.

Fakin vineyards

With a nod to linguistic humor, their old slogan, “Fakin good wines,” adds a touch of lightheartedness and a wink to the English language.

While the slogan may evoke a humorous association for English speakers, it also serves as a testament to the winery’s dedication to crafting truly remarkable wines. Beyond the comical wordplay, Fakin Winery’s commitment to excellence and its unwavering pursuit of producing outstanding wines remain the true essence of its reputation.

Knowing that their wines are not only “Fakin good” but authentically crafted with passion and expertise, experience the joyous fusion of exceptional winemaking and a playful spirit that makes Fakin Winery truly unique.

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