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Tomac Amfora Sparkling Wine – Among the 75 Decanter Stellar Wines of 2016.

Editors of the Decanter Magazine decided what were the most exciting wines they tasted in 2016. For the first time, a Croatian sparkling wine found its way to this significant wine list.

Tomac Amfora sparkling is a special wine in every way. It’s among the rarest sparkling wines which are produced from still wine in an amphora, an ancient Georgian fermentation vessel made of red clay.

This method of wine production is becoming increasingly popular in the world, particularly in the Plesivica region – where Tomac winery is located.

When orange meets bubbles, unique tasting experience is guaranteed.

Decanter Magazine described it as a bit rustic, with strong and almost burnt caramel and orange aromas with nuances of autumn fruits and vivid acidity.

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Another wine from the Tomac winery has a “star status” in Croatia. Tomac Amfora is made from Chardonnay and local white grape varieties that fermented in the contact with the skins.

Fermentation took place in real Georgian amphorae, giving the wine a deep, amber color and a spectrum of aromas and flavors.

Tomac Amfora bursts with dried fruits, oranges, apples and pears. Cloves, almonds and hazelnuts round up the experience on the nose.

On your palate, racy acidity cuts through the flavors of the wine, leaving you with the feeling that wine is much younger than stated on the label. This one is a must try!


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