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Tomaz Winery: A Must-Visit Attraction in Istria

Tomaz-winery-air-view In the middle of a fairytale landscape at the foot of Motovun stands the impressive new winery of the Tomaz family. The view of the vineyards and Motovun on one side and the beautiful Mirna valley on the other leaves you breathless. New Tomaz Winery is one of the most beautiful wine wonders that Croatia has the honour of hosting.

This is the place where wines are born, the place where dreams come true. Here is truly a story of transformation, passion and family commitment.

The Story Behind Tomaz Winery

Tomaz-winery-Klaudio Sitting on the spacious terrace, surrounded by a breathtaking view, with decent background music while the sommelier guides you through the story of the Tomaz family, is a moment of true happiness. Once a modest “konoba”, today it is a modern building with a wine cellar, the wine temple of Klaudio Tomaz.

Klaudio Tomaz, once a butcher, now a passionate winegrower, is rightly proud of his creative feat. The winery covers 1,650 square meters, and the tasting room offers a breathtaking experience. Here, Claudio and his son Antonio, who inherited his love for wine, create wines that win world awards.

Even before the official opening, this cellar became a symbol of family tradition and dedication. For Klaudio, building this modern cellar was not only an investment in winemaking but also in his family’s future.

The Winemaking Magic

Tomaz-winery-cellar The cellar space, with stainless steel barrels, barrique barrels, concrete eggs and Georgian amphorae, evokes a new era of the Tomaz winery.

Klaudio may not be a trained oenologist, but he is an example of how crucial the passion for wine is to achieving world-class quality. At the same time, Tomaz’s wines carry the soul of the family, the tradition and the identity of Motovun.

Let’s not forget Teran, the wine subject to a dispute. Claudio defended the right of Istrian winemakers to the name “Teran” and succeeded. That wine is their heritage, and they proudly represent Istrian Teran worldwide.

New wine tourism destination

Tomaz-winery-view Klaudio Tomaz’s new winery is a place where top wines are produced and open its doors to everyone who wants to experience a real wine story. The winery will undoubtedly become a wine-tourism destination, a place where wines are tasted with a beautiful view and where the authenticity of the wine is felt in every corner.

Here is a story about passion, family and wine, about Istria growing as a recognisable wine region. Klaudio Tomaz’s winery has become an imposing building and the heart of Istrian winemaking. Here, dreams turn into reality, and every bottle of wine carries the story of the Tomaz family and their dedication. Here, in the heart of Motovun, wines become art, and every glass is an opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece.

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