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Top 8 Plavac Mali Wines From Dingač Appellation

Image of a Dingač wine-growing appellation with panoramic sea view

Nestled on the steep southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula in Croatia lies the illustrious Dingač appellation, where Plavac Mali grapes flourish and from which skilled winemakers produce some of the most valuable and exceptional Croatian wines! This article will uncover the top 8 Plavac Mali wines from this esteemed Croatian appellation. 

Introduction to Plavac Mali 

While the name Dingač may not ring a bell for some, it holds significant historical and cultural importance. Dingač is not a grape variety but a micro-location that has become synonymous with the highest standards of Croatian winemaking (check out our video to learn more about Dingač!). 

In fact, it was the first wine-growing region in Croatia to become a Protected Geographical Origin appellation in 1961. Today, the wines from this region continue to impress and satisfy the palates of wine connoisseurs worldwide.

Top 8 Plavac Mali wines from Dingač appellation

Dingač appellation
Dingač appellation in Pelješac peninsula

For a truly authentic and top-quality bottle of Plavac wine, look no further than our top 8 Plavac Mali wines from Dingač appellation!

Matuško Dingač Reserve

Matuško Dingač Reserva
Matuško Winery, Dingač Reserva

Step into the world of Mato Violić – Matuško, and embark on an extraordinary wine-tasting journey. Mato Violić, one of Croatia’s pioneering winemakers, has gained a reputation for his unique approach to crafting exceptional wines. His most notable wine creation, the Dingač Reserve, has attained iconic status as a symbol of rebellion and innovation in the industry.

The Dingač Reserve is no ordinary wine! Its exceptional qualities can be attributed to the specific climate conditions and micro-locations of the Dingač appellation, ideal for Plavac Mali grapes. 

Locally known as ‘the blood of the soil,’ this variety is highly valued for its ability to withstand drought and vibrant aromatic profile. Indulge in this exceptional wine and experience the craftsmanship of a true winemaking pioneer.

Tasting notes

Dingač Reserve is a highly concentrated and well-aged wine with an expressive flavor. This Plavac is a full-bodied, concentrated wine with a luxurious bouquet and soft tannins with pronounced tertiary aromas of vanilla, chocolate, sweet spices, and oak. 

The richness and complexity of its flavors make it a standout vintage that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

The selection process for this label is stringent, ensuring that only the finest grapes are used! If you’re curious to try this award-winning wine, you can purchase a bottle from 

The Dingač Reserve is grown in an ecological zone, making it a must-try for wine lovers who value sustainability and quality.

Benmosche family Dingač

Robert Benmosche, the former CEO of AIG and MetLife, who passed away in 2015, has embarked on a new venture in the wine-making world. His journey began with a trip to Dubrovnik, where he was struck by the cultural heritage and region’s exceptional wines and decided to create his collection. 

Benmosche bought land on the Pelješac peninsula and planted Plavac Mali grapes on the Dingač appellation and Zinfandel in the Viganj appellation. Using traditional techniques and barrique barrels for aging, the wine was left to age for 12 months before spending an additional 18 months in the bottle. 

The result is a highly acclaimed wine that has garnered attention from wine professionals and the general public. 

Tasting notes

This exquisite wine has a deep red hue and subtle brown hints around the edge of the glass, enticing wine lovers with its incredibly inviting bouquet. Its vibrant aromas, reminiscent of just-picked berries and dried fruits, mingle with lush notes from aging in wooden barrels. 

The flavor profile is equally impressive, as harmonious tannins provide balance while undertones of warmth result in a luxurious lingering finish. Each drop of this wine is a true delight to be savored and enjoyed!

Madirazza Dingač

Madirazza winery
Madirazza Winery, Dingač

Madirazza Winery, a revered family winery with a rich legacy spanning generations, has garnered significant attention for its exceptional wines. Situated in Pelješac, the winery has a sprawling 20-hectare vineyard that yields an exquisite variety of wines from two distinctively unique locations – Dingač and Postup. 

Boasting an ideal setting to cultivate Plavac Mali grapes, Madirazza winery produces some of the finest Plavac Mali vintages that are unparalleled in quality. It’s no wonder they are held in high esteem by wine aficionados!

Tasting notes

Indulge in a luxurious wine experience as you savor the velvety richness of red wine, brimming with tantalizing aromas. This exquisite Plavac is bursting with the sweetness of blueberry, blackcurrant, and cherry, balanced with a mature bouquet. 

As you take a sip, you will be pleasantly surprised by the herbal notes of mint, pepper, tea fennel, and coffee.

Kiridžija Dingač

Kiridžija winery
Kiridžija Winery, Dingač

Kiridžija Winery has produced exceptional wines for years, yet only a few have enjoyed experiencing them. With a limited production of approximately 5,000 bottles annually, this unique winemaking family has crafted a signature style of aged, premium dry red wines using the native Plavac mali grape variety grown exclusively in the Dingač appellation and aged in Hungarian oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Indulge in the juicy body of this powerful wine with elevated tannins, higher alcohol content, and a pronounced fruit concentration dominated by the recognizable dry plums of Plavac Mali. 

The grapes are perfectly ripened, resulting in the wine’s almost powdery tannins, sure to become a hallmark of this vintage. As you savor each sip, the refreshing taste of mint and hints of berries, carob, and dark chocolate open up with each swirl. 

The soft texture of the wine and the subtle warmth at the end only add to the luxurious experience, making this an exclusive sensory adventure that wine enthusiasts can’t afford to miss. This is an excellent example of Plavac Mali, a true gem in a bottle.

Saints Hills Dingač

Saints Hills Winery, a family-owned boutique winery located on the stunning Pelješac peninsula, is a well know and respected winery that produces top-quality wines. The winery has teamed up with Michel Rolland, a renowned oenologist and family friend, to create some of the best Croatian wines from their vineyards in Istria and Dalmatia. 

One of their most notable wines is the Plavac Mali Dingač. The grapes used to make this wine are meticulously hand-harvested and undergo a rigorous double-sorting process, cluster by cluster and berry by berry. 

This process ensures that only the best grapes are used, resulting in a wine that is incredibly rich and complex in flavor. 

Tasting notes

Dingač, a wine renowned for its exceptional quality, has captivated the attention of wine connoisseurs worldwide with its unique and alluring flavor profile. 

This exquisite wine is a masterful blend of rich and warm flavors, including ripe fruit and chocolate, perfectly balanced by subtle nuttiness. The wine’s Mediterranean essence is evident in its tantalizing aromas, which feature notes of oregano, basil, and mint infused with smoky tobacco undertones that add depth and complexity to its character. 

The wine’s full-bodied structure and velvety tannins make it the ideal accompaniment to any meal, particularly those featuring plums or dark chocolate. Wine enthusiasts seeking a truly exceptional experience must try this wine, whose exceptional flavor profile and versatility make it a must-try for any wine lover.

Bura Dingač

Bura Winery, a renowned name in the wine industry, is known for crafting some of the finest Plavac Mali in the world. Situated on the breathtaking 45-degree southern slopes of the Dingač appellation, the winery has been producing exceptional Croatian wines for over five generations. 

Boasting a fully organic production process, Bura winery wines are a testament to the exquisite microclimate that characterizes this part of the Dalmatian wine region. 

Visitors can expect to savor the unique flavors and aromas that truly reflect the terroir, which has earned the winery its prestigious reputation.

Tasting notes

This full-bodied, dry wine is made from slightly raisined grapes, fermented using native yeasts, and aged to perfection. On the nose Bura Dingač is packed with powerful notes of black fruit like pine or dried hay, providing a rich and complex aroma that lingers in the air. 

On the palate, the wine has a perfect balance of sweet tannins reminiscent of raisins and dates and salty nuances characteristic of the coastal region where it is produced. 

Additionally, aromas of Mediterranean herbs are skillfully woven into the flavor profile, providing a unique and inviting experience that leaves a long-lasting aftertaste. With its impressive depth and flavor, Bura Dingač is quickly becoming a must-try for wine enthusiasts looking for something special and distinctive!

Sagul Dingač

Sagul Winery, Dingač

Sagul Winery, located in the central part of the Pelješac peninsula, is known for its ideal conditions for growing Plavac Mali wines. 

The Violić family has owned the vineyards for generations, and today, Darko Violić, a new-generation winemaker, is continuing the family tradition by producing authentic and modern wines. 

Violić’s approach to winemaking has been described as achieving the elusive balance of traditional methods with contemporary techniques. The result is a wine embodying the elegance and character inherited from the rich Croatian winemaking tradition on the Pelješac peninsula. 

Sagul’s unique terroir and Violić’s expertise have combined to create an authentic and modern wine, making it a noteworthy addition to the world of Croatian winemaking.

Tasting notes

Sagul Dingač, an elegant dry red wine from Plavac Mali grapes cultivated on the steep slopes of the renowned Dingač, embodies elegance and sophistication. 

Its bold and distinct flavor profile, highlighted by prominent tannins and high alcohol content, is characterized by enchanting aromas of cherry, plum, and dark berries. 

This premium wine is reserved for special occasions and pairs exceptionally well with oily fish, red meats, or wild game. 

Vicelić Dingač 

Vicelić winery
Vicelić Winery, Dingač

Mateo Vicelić from Vicelić Winery continues his great-grandfather’s legacy by rejuvenating a picturesque limestone vineyard that cascades from 1800 feet down to the coast. 

This unique terroir provides the perfect conditions for the Plavac Mali grape, which yields both full-bodied reds and aromatic medium-bodied wines. With plans already in motion, Mateo is set to expand production with a 10,000 bottle capacity on the 3.5 hectares currently being cultivated and is also considering replanting the family’s 6 hectares plot. 

Two of the estate’s wines have been making waves in the wine industry: the Dingač, offering complexity and age-worthiness, and the Plavac, a crowd-pleaser perfect for early consumption. With Mateo’s passion and expertise, this vineyard is set to become a leading name in Croatian wine-making.

Tasting notes

Wine enthusiasts, get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a mouthwatering experience! The latest addition to the world of full-bodied red wines offers the perfect balance of plum and spice, complemented by an extra kick of oaky notes. 

The distinct flavor of black cherry adds a vivid, robust touch to this delectable wine, while sharp notes of nutmeg provide a satisfying finish. 


Dingač is a unique tasting experience that should not be missed! So pick up a bottle of Dingač on your next trip to Croatia.

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