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Top tricks for serving sparkling wines properly


Sparkling wine deserves more recognition and should not be wasted by serving it improperly. It is time to appreciate every bubble and savor every sip of this exquisite drink. To do so, we have compiled a list of top tricks for serving sparkling wines properly.

Sparkling wine is a unique type of wine that stands out from the rest. For a reason! 

These wines offer a distinctive and refreshing taste that tickles the senses thanks to the carbon dioxide present. The magic happens when you open the bottle; voila, you get a beautiful foam that adds to the sensory experience. The best part is that no matter how the wine is made, following these three easy steps will ensure you’re savoring your sparkling wine to the fullest!

Step One

There’s something magical about opening a bottle of sparkling wine – the cork’s pop, the bubbles’ effervescence, and the crisp, refreshing taste. 

But did you know that the secret to enjoying your bubbly to the fullest is – the serving temperature? For all types of sparkling wine – whether it’s a classic Champagne, a lively Cava, a crisp Prosecco, or a refreshing Sekt – it’s essential to chill it before serving!

Serving your bubbly at 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (5–10 °C) brings out its delicious crispness and preserves the bubbles, which is crucial to the experience. After all, who wants a glass of wine that’s gone flat? 

If you serve sparkling wine at room temperature, it will quickly lose its sparkle and become foamy, just like a warm soda. You can even chill the glasses before serving to ensure your bubbly stays effervescent and refreshing.

Pop it in the freezer for at least 10 hours before opening it to ensure your sparkling wine is perfectly chilled. Or if you’re short on time, an ice bucket can do the trick. 

Simply fill a bucket with ice, water, and a pinch of salt and submerge your bottle for a quick cool-down. And if you’re really serious about your bubbly, plenty of wine coolers and chillers are available to help you maintain that perfect temperature. Unfortunately, we don’t sell any at Wine&more (yet!), but there are plenty of options out there to choose from. So, cheers to keeping those bubbles intact!

Step Two

The moment has arrived: you’re ready to uncork that bottle of sparkling wine you’ve eagerly anticipated. But wait, there’s a science to it! 

To get the full, delicious experience, you’ll want to open it just right. Begin by cooling the bottle to your desired temperature. Next, remove the foil and loosen the wire. Then, tilt the bottle to a 45-degree angle and firmly grip the cork with one hand while gently rotating the bottle with the other. 

Keep your thumb on the cork and listen closely for the satisfying hiss. When done correctly, the cork should come out with a light pop, preserving all those precious bubbles. And the reward for your careful technique? A perfectly balanced and delicious taste that truly represents the intended flavor. Cheers to that!

Step Three

When it comes to enjoying a good sparkling wine, it’s time to forget about the traditional flutes that are commonly used!

Sure, they may be visually appealing as their shape stimulates the bubbles, also known as “perlage“, but they don’t offer the best-tasting experience. Wine experts and enthusiasts worldwide are turning to either regular white wine glasses or new, specially designed tulip champagne wine glasses to enjoy all that good sparkling truly has to offer. 

So why abandon the famous flutes? The answer lies in the complexity of sparkling wines, especially those made with the Méthode Traditionelle or classic Champagne method. 

Flutes are restrictive and don’t allow for enough aeration, which is crucial for the perfect expression of those complex sparklings. With the right glassware, you can unlock the full potential of your sparkling wine and savor every delicious sip!

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