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VIDEO Next to Sonoma: Zagreb Wine Story that won the hearts of Wine Spectator readers

First Croatian award for wine video production ever goes to Zagreb, with sommelier’s and filmmaker’s Martina Miličević story about her hometown. Here are, this year’s Wine Spectator Video Contest top 3 videos you want to watch!

The finalists represent the world of wine, from the West Coast to New York City to Zagreb, and a few places in between” says Wine Spectator, one of the most influential wine publications in the world. 13th edition of Video Contest aimed to show creative stories that include wine, had an interesting entry this year.

Hometown of Martina Miličević, WSET L3 sommelier and filmmaker that presented Zagreb, the capital of Croatia through the eyes of a wine lover. Dynamic Zagreb’s wine scene is mixed with stunning vineyard areas around the Zagreb County, a story that won hearts of millions of Wine Spectator readers and by their choice, won the 3rd prize.

Amazing promotion of Zagreb is a result of Miličević’s cooperation with Zagreb Tourist Board. Together, the two are filming a new wine series that will bring viewers to winetastic Zagreb scene, in and around the capital.

Wine Spectator is one of the most respected wine publications whose digital edition is read by more than 1 million visitors a month, and we wanted to present Zagreb and its surroundings as an interesting destination in Croatia. This year, Zagreb is the only destination from Croatia, which made it to the finals and finally achieved a great 3rd place in the world.” comments Martina Bienenfeld, Zagreb Tourist Board Manager.

We are filming a new video series about Zagreb and its wine, so the video base of that project was crucial for us to be able to edit a short and intimate story to apply to Wine Spectator’s contest.”, Miličević adds and reveals more video content she’s creating with the Zagreb Tourist Board.

Sonoma Winemakers at the top of Wine Spectator Video Contest 2019

First two places of this year’s Video Contest, went to the winemakers. By chance, both of them, from Sonoma County.

Sojourn winemaker Erich Bradley wanted to show viewer’s “how geographically big and complex the puzzle of the Sonoma Coast appellation is … Telling that story allows people to connect with us and understand what we’re about” and won the Video Contest 2019. Amazing arial footage and inspiring story lead you through the search for one of the best Pinot Noir, Bradley is trying to produce each vintage.

Lawyer and winemaker Arthur Murray, second-place winner, wanted to show how its never too late to chase a dream! Murray told Wine Spectator. “If your heart’s in it, you make it work.

9 finalists were chosen by the Wine Spectator’s Editors while the final voting was left to more than a million readers. These are the stories that captured most of the attention and were voted as the Top 3 Wine Videos in 2019!

Congrats to all the finalists for making creative and different wine content, we do want to see more in the future. If you’d like to see more video, visit the Wine Spectator’s Video Contest page.

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