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The most popular Food & Wine Festival in Croatia will be held on 23rd and 24th November in Zagreb

The 13th edition of the largest Food & Wine Festival, Vinocom Zagreb will held on Friday and Saturday, 23rd and 24th November, in the Zagreb Esplanade Hotel. More than 300 exhibitors from the region are coming to present wines, food and delicacies.

“This year, we meet for the 13th time, of which 12 times were held in the most elite Zagreb hotel – the Esplanade hotel. The number 13 is not always considered to be a good sign, but I dare now, at least for the exhibitor’s response, to say that here, there is no negative connotation. All the available stands for exhibitors are filled, so during the 13th Vinocom Wine and Food Festival in the Esplanade, you will find the whole Croatian wine and gastronomic offer from Croatia at the palm of your hand!” says Ivan Dropuljić, the organizer of the Vinocom Festival.

The Festival will be open on Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm, during which time, apart from discovering the best drops and snacks and gathering with the exhibitors, everyone can find inspiration for the holiday season ahead of us.

Vinocom Workshops – Reserve your place before they are gone

The best part of the largest Food and Wine Festival in Croatia is maybe limited for the first applicants that grab their seats on some of the amazing workshop that will take place during the festival.

Here are some, that we suggest visiting:

Casino Club, 23rd November 2018

13:00-14:30 h
Moderator: Siniša Lasan


If we were going to pick one of the most exciting Croatian vineyards, we would certainly have counted Međimurje on its own. The young generation of winemakers with the already recognizable white assortment are increasingly investing in the production of red wines.

Which international varieties are hiding in the Međimurje vineyards?

With which world region could we compare it?

Entrance: free upon reservation

Contact and reservations: Ksenija Matić,

Club Board Room, 23rd Novemeber 2018

11:45-13:00 h
Moderators: Vedran Kiridžija, winemaker and Ivo Kozarčanin, wine author and critic
Theme: Goodbye America, I’m going to the vineyards
Opis: 10 Dingač wines from Vedran Kiridžija, a sailor who got “stranded” in the vineyards.

Ticket: 200 HRK
Contact and reservations: Ivo Kozarčanin,

Casino Club, 24th November 2018

14:30 – 15:30 h

Moderator: prof.dr. Marin Berovič

Theme: The Sanctum vineyards from Slovenia were raised early in the 12th century and planted with pinot noir. The secrets of the Carthusians are intertwined with them with the expressiveness and mysteriousness of the black stack. Presentation of the great wines of the Prestige series: excellent chardonnay, fermentation in the barrel, combination of fine spice and technology sur lie, character of French Montrachet, elegance and freshness of Pinot Grigio, large structured Pinot Noirs, mysterious Syrah and, at the end My Red – blend of Syrah and Pinot Noir. Exceptionally, spicy, finesse and secrecy, touch the sacredness of great wines.

Ticket price: 75,00 HRK

Contact and reservations:, mob: +385 98 485894


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