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Don’t miss the biggest wine and food festival in Croatia, Vinocom in Zagreb

November in Zagreb means all of the Croatian winemakers are coming to the capital, to show their wines to thousands of wine lovers visiting the biggest and the most significant wine and food festival in Croatia. Two days of indulging in thousands of wines and Croatian delicacies, dried ham, cheeses and olive oils starts on 24th November!

Zagreb’s iconic hotel, Esplanade Zagreb Hotel turns into wine lovers’ piece of heaven in November. Stands filled with wines and traditional food occupies every conference room, hallway, and terrace in the Hotel. Literally, everyone is attending Vinocom! This is the most exciting wine gathering in Croatia.

Wine and Food Festival Vinocom Zagreb – Photo: Vinocom FB

Exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy…

Vinocom gathers more than 300 winemakers, not only from Croatia and a large number of gastro producers that show their best products at the fair. You’ll find everything from marinated fish and shells to homemade bread during the two days of Vinocom.

The wine festival is so large and visited that we recommend preparation before leaving unless you want to feel overwhelmed with offers. At Vinocom website, you’ll find the exhibitors list so be sure to check it out and decide which winemakers you don’t want to miss on the fair. Believe us; it is very easy to get lost once you are in Esplanade Hotel.

All of the exhibitors and winemakers are here for you, and they love to talk about their passion for making wines so be sure to ask all of your questions and engage in conversations. There is no wrong question and they value your feedback and opinion. At the end, these festivals are made for exchanging thoughts and opinions and there are no wrong ones.

Cheese Tasting – Photo: Vinocom FB

Maybe the best part of the festival is the workshop program

What we recommend is signing for the Vinocom workshops. Held in club rooms on the first floor or at the casino room downstairs, they feel more private and concentrated on a specific topic. There are usually no more than 20 attendees per workshop, but that depends on the venue where they are held.

The themes vary from international wines, famous appellations to vertical tastings of cult Croatian wines Unique chance of tasting archive bottles from the wineries. Workshops are usually led by sommeliers and winemakers themselves which give you the opportunity to get more familiar with specific practices and techniques used in the chosen winery.

We’ve already written about the legendary Venje tasting last year at the Zagreb Vinocom. If you’d like to have a glimpse of the atmosphere at the workshops, take a look at the article describing why this iconic wine is thought to be one of the collector’s treasures from Croatia!

The workshop schedule is usually published on their website end of October, and most of the workshops are charged extra. Prices vary upon the wines and themes, from 50 HRK to several hundreds of kunas for more prestigious wines. But every one of them is worth the price, usually presenting around 10 wines, many of them which aren’t available on the market. Small price to pay for a winemakers’ archive!

Zagreb Vinocom – Photo: Vinocom FB

Ticket prices for Vinocom wine and food festival

150 HRK (around 20 EUR) is the price for the two days entry to the festival. Workshops are paid extra.

Location: Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

See you in November!


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