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Get the wine case for the traveler

Get the wine case for the traveler

Had a plan to travel the world, but traveled from your kitchen to the living room instead? Your airplane never took off? Missing even delayed flights?

Well, don’t wine about it. Get this limited case of 6 European wines and take a sip for every canceled trip.


Or cheer up your travel buddy with the very thoughtful gift – the essential case with three selected wine bottles from three different countries. All carefully wrapped and sent with a note.BUY NOW

The world is not going anywhere. Or not just jet. Until your next big travel, explore some of the best wine regions with the carefully picked bottles from Central and Eastern Europe. Meet the wild landscape of BIH, a home of Škegro Krš crni Blatina. Take a ride to the pure nature – hills of Gorizia in Slovenia where Movia Veliko Belo is born. Or dive in the deep dark red-black color of the Bovin Imperator from the driest area of Balkan Peninsula in Macedonia. No more spoilers, but the rest of the varieties from Croatia, Serbia, and Austria are as exciting as it gets, considering you don’t have to leave your living room.

Get it now and don’t wine about it later.

traveler case

If you somehow managed to avoid all this mess, congrats! You are a lucky one. Take a look at the rest of our special wine cases. If you don’t resonate with the rest of our stories, we will be glad, but the liquid treasure inside, that’s very easy to relate to.

What’s left to lose? Check out our other cases! 


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