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Get the wine case for the unmarried bride

Get the wine case for the unmarried bride

Didn’t manage to get married? Still waiting to walk down the aisle? Had something new, something borrowed but also something canceled? 

Well, don’t wine about it. Get this limited case of 6 celebratory wines and give it a toast instead.


Have an unmarried friend who needs cheering up? Give the best gift ever – the essential case with three celebratory wines, carefully wrapped and sent with a note. 


If the big day is yet to happen, you just might find the perfect wine to serve. The case contains handpicked varieties for weddings and celebrations. Fruity sparkling Griffin Rose Brut for a sunny guests reception, unmistakable Festigia Malvazija or all-time favorite Croatian red wine Plavac Mali named Mili Moj, meaning My Dear. 

Get it now and don’t wine about it later.Bride Case

If you somehow managed to avoid all this mess, congrats! You are a lucky one. Take a look at the rest of our special wine cases. If you don’t resonate with the rest of our stories, we will be glad, but the liquid treasure inside, that’s very easy to relate to.

Check out our other cases!  


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