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Ever stood in front of a wine shelf, feeling like you’re lost in a vineyard maze? Or maybe you’ve sipped something fantastic on vacation but can’t remember its name for the life of you? We’ve all been there! But don’t fret. Meet the Wine and More crew – a bunch of wine and technology nerds (in the coolest way possible!) who’ve got your back, ready to make your wine journey smoother and a whole lot more fun. This isn’t just another group of wine enthusiasts; it’s a dedicated team of experts that pours (pun intended!) passion, knowledge, and a touch of magic into every content and product review. And they are on a mission: to turn every reader into a wine aficionado, one sip at a time. Dive in with them on a way to uncork some adventures together! 🥂

Why Trust the Wine and More Team?

It’s simple: Experience and authenticity. While they humbly identify as educated consumers, their depth of knowledge is anything but ordinary. Especially when it comes to Croatian wines—a niche they have mastered and are passionate about sharing.

But it’s not just about recommendations. It’s about the stories behind the wines, the regions they hail from, the people who craft them, and the intricate art of finding exceptional value samples. In sum, the Wine and More team provides insights and recommendations spanning from the roots of the vineyard to the top of the cork, and everything in between. 🙂 

Who is Dario?

Image of Dario Drmac
Photo: Dario Drmac

Meet Dario Drmac, CEO and a connoisseur with a digital edge, blending the world of wine with cutting-edge digital innovations. Through Wine and More, he’s redefining the wine landscape, ensuring it’s not just about the drink but the delightful journey it offers.

Toast to new flavors and embrace a wine adventure like no other! Here’s to Dario’s fusion of passion for wine and prowess in digital strategy, all aimed at revolutionizing how we savor and select our favorite bottles.

Cheers to raising the bar on wine experiences! 💻🥂

If you’re into wine, digital tech, SEO hacks, and all that good stuff, definitely hit up Dario. He’s your go-to guy. 

Reach Dario at dario (@)

Who is Nenad?

Photo: Nenad Trifunovic

Meet Nenad Trifunovic, a famed workshop moderator and wine course educator known for the “Wine Reading” series. He’s not just any wine enthusiast – he’s the brain behind Croatia’s top wine blog,

With a down-to-earth vibe that resonates with both hardcore wine aficionados and casual sippers, he sparked countless lively wine chats, tastings, and panels.

Known for his keen palate and genuine wine insights, Nenad truly makes wine more accessible and exciting for many.

Cheers to that! 🍷📖

Looking to dive into the world of wine, get top-notch recommendations, or navigate wine regions like a pro? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nenad. He’s got you covered.

Reach Nenad at nenad (@)

Who is Valentina?

Meet Valentina Silovic, sommelier and content creator. With over a decade in the wine game, she’s journeyed from luxe hotels and quaint wine bars to Croatia’s grandest wineries — Valentina’s tasted, explored, and chatted about more bottles than we can count.

Ready to refine your wine game? Join Valentina for some stellar tasting tips, expert pairings, and a closer look at the finer details of every bottle, plus the coolest wine gadgets and accessories.

Trust us, she’s about to level up your sipping experiences. Cheers! 🍷🥂

If you’re into wine, looking for top-notch recommendations, or need advice on wine fridges, accessories, or anything else wine-related, Valentina’s your go-to person. 

Reach Valentina at valentina (@)

In summary, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or someone just looking for that perfect bottle, remember this: Your next great wine experience might be just a question away. So, why leave it to chance?

Reach out to the Wine and More team, share your questions, and let them uncork a world of possibilities for you.

Here’s to good wine, great company, and the joy of discovery. Cheers! 🍷

How We Test Products

Ensuring the utmost dedication to our readers, we curate our product recommendations seriously. Every item featured in our articles and reviews undergoes a rigorous selection process overseen by our adept team of experts and writers.

This involves extensive research, consultations with industry experts, and hands-on testing. Drawing insights from manufacturer specifications, user feedback, and insights from seasoned professionals like sommeliers, we procure the products for thorough evaluation.

Employing a detailed approach, our evaluators subject each item to a series of assessments, grading them based on specific criteria relevant to their category. For example, wine coolers are assessed on their ease of installation and features, while wine glasses are reviewed for their aesthetic, features, appeal, and durability.

After meticulous testing, we compile comprehensive ratings, delineating the strengths and weaknesses of each product. This allows us to pinpoint the most suitable choices for diverse needs.

A recommendation like “Best Compact” may cater to individuals with limited space, whereas industry experts might be directed towards the “Best Budget” alternative.

Beyond ratings, we incorporate feedback from our testers’ and users’ experiences. Our reviews encapsulate nuanced insights, offering readers a holistic perspective enriched with industry knowledge.

Why Trust Us?

At Wine and More, our mission is to help anyone and everyone interested in wine, from professionals to home enthusiasts, make the best purchase decisions by delivering insightful articles, reliable product suggestions, and travel inspiration ideas.

Our suggestions stem from thorough research, ensuring they are unbiased and rooted in genuine product evaluations. While we may earn commissions from purchases made through our links, rest assured that we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations. Delve deeper into our team’s expertise and our review process. 

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Our reviews aim to offer a transparent, unbiased perspective, empowering you to make confident purchasing decisions. We maintain independence from any single retailer or brand, ensuring our allegiance is solely to our readers.

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At Wine and More, our commitment is to furnish wine enthusiasts with dependable, useful, and engaging content on wine, gastronomy, and travel-related content. We collaborate with a diverse range of experts—from seasoned wine critics and sommeliers to globetrotting enthusiasts—to curate stories and reviews that resonate with authenticity and expertise.

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Our content is untainted by external influences. We neither pledge coverage nor allow external entities to sway our narrative. While we occasionally receive products for review, our assessments remain impartial, with any received samples disclosed transparently. Your trust is paramount to us.

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We uphold the highest standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our content. Every article undergoes meticulous scrutiny by our team of writers, editors, and fact-checkers.

Our team examines each factual claim, corroborate every statistic, and consult with specialists to guarantee our content’s integrity. If you have noticed an issue you would like to bring to our attention, we encourage you to reach out to info (@)

Our team consistently strives to ensure that our recommendations are accurate, helpful, and readily available.

Please be aware that products, including those we evaluate and endorse, might occasionally face recalls or updated usage guidelines. Consequently, we advise you to stay informed about any pertinent official notifications concerning products you acquire.

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