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Maybe you already know precisely what you want. 

Maybe you are looking for that taste you experienced during your vacation but can’t remember the name of the wine. 

Maybe you have tasted all the wine in the world and have no time to investigate some unheard-of Croatian varieties thoroughly. 

Maybe you don’t consume wine at all but need a recommendation for a present. 

Maybe you are looking for an ideal representative of “original Zinfandel” for your wine-tasting dinner. 

Maybe you just need to be inspired…

Whatever your “maybe” may be, we would love to give you an option. There is no wrong question, and there is no single answer for everybody.

This is why no AI nor any information provided online can assist you the way a real person can. 

So how about using vast and in-depth knowledge of someone with an independent reference frame and an honest, real-life approach? Feel free to ask our Vinopija (Nenad) for advice and recommendation, and your trust will be well rewarded. He insists he is still only an educated consumer, but his devotion and insight are unparalleled when it comes to Croatian wines. And more 🙂

Who is Nenad?

Moderator of a series of wine workshops and educator of wine course (Wine Reading), promoter of table culture and wine writer, most famous as an author of the most influential Croatian wine blog (, whose unpretentious approach won over both the most demanding and massive wine audience. Always focused on wine, his passion and knowledgeable impressions provoked numerous comments and wine discussions. Over the years, as a taster, Vinopija proved as an independent and sharp palate. His thoughtful wine descriptions and open-mindedness brought wine thrill to many.


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