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Croatian winery design delighted Americans

A winery that literally blends with golden rows of grapevines is a project that brought the prestigious ”American Architecture Prize” to Zagreb’s architects and founders of architectural studio ”Dva arhitekta”. Award winning work is an architectural drawing created for the winery in Croatia’s continental winemaking area.

After winning the prize for a modern winery project from Italian ”The Plan” magazine, the same architectural drawing created for the winery placed near Požega won this year’s American award for architectural design in agriculture. Architectural duo Tomislav Ćurković and Zoran Zidarić competed within some of the 41 categories where the competitors participating were from all over the world.

Architectural drawing created for the winery in Slavonia – Photo: Dva arhitekta

The idea behind award winning work

Vallis Aureae, or Golden Valley in translation, is the name given to the Požega valley by Romans considering it is surrounded by the mountain ring of Psunj, Papuk, Dilj, Krndija and Požeška gora. What makes this area ideal for wine growing are mild slopes, predominantly south orientation and continental climatic conditions. All this is a part of the package that this place in the heart of Slavonia inspired the architects to project the winery connected with nature.

Architectural drawing created for the winery in Slavonia – Photo: Dva arhitekta

”Faced with the perfect intact nature, we rejected the idea of an environment-dominated building and instead decided to use mimic as a design method. We have built a vineyard into an existing hill, marking it just where it is needed. This decision was also useful in terms of energy consumption, and internal control of climate and lighting was naturally solved, which corresponds to the main inhabitant of the building itself – wine”, as it is said in the description of the award-winning project, in which designers Maja Marosi Pezo, Tomislav Burgund and Dejan Šparovec also participated.

An interesting twist

The award-winning project was created for the Galić winery, which appeared on the market almost ten years ago. Even though they started their commercial story in recent 2008, the Galić family has been growing vines and producing wines for generations.

This project from Dva arhitkta is their “winery for the future”, as Josip Galić the owner of the winery calls it. However, for the present the Galić winery decided for yet another project from the same architectural studio. A winery that will be built on three levels, whose images you can see below, is currently under construction, and we can hardly wait to walk between their wine barrels.

Galić winery in making – Photo: Galić winery


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