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Wines to Drink When in Self-Quarantine?

Spending time in physical isolation is the very reason you should continue with as many “usual” activities as you can while in self-isolation.

In such a scenario when you find yourself alone due to the Covid19 related self-isolation, it is good to know that drinking alone is not evidence of depression or alcoholism, especially in the case of that being wine swirling in your glass. On the contrary, it could be the only sane connection to civilization, allowing you to travel and experience the places currently out of reach.

Because the culture of the table is what truly connects you to the whole world, a glass or two with a meal is not unusual in many places and is recognized as food culture. Many restaurants of the old world have 0,375 L bottles per person, exactly half the size of a 0.75 L bottle. And if you are an experienced wine lover, you might have heard the joke “A magnum-sized bottle is a perfect size for two people at dinner, if one of them doesn`t drink”.

Yes, it is not strange to eat lunch alone as much as it is not strange to travel alone. What is strange is to be in self-isolation. To prepare a meal for yourself and have a glass of wine might be the only escape from strange. You are actually in good company with yourself, with enough time to reflect and stimulate your spirit in the matter is considered civilized.

What to do with leftover wine? Recork it and store it in a cool place. If your wine falls apart after a few days, at least you will know you have been drinking poor quality wine. Good wine can take it, and excellent ones can even improve after several days and show some more interesting characteristics uneasy to spot at first.

But everybody who likes to contemplate with a glass of wine in hand already knows this. There are even wines considered “meditation wines” or “contemplative wines” and these are the ones that require your dedication over some time.

Such wines are truly complex as they transform in a glass, they might appear one way and 10 minutes later reappear in some totally unexpected way.

That is life, stored in a bottle and changed into a mystical form, enabling you to relax and keep your sanity. We took the liberty in pointing out several such “wines for contemplation”…

2017 Kosovec Škrlet

This is the current vintage of a local variety common in the Croatian region of Moslavina. But there is nothing ordinary about this Škrlet. Full phenolic ripeness of the grapes and spontaneous fermentation results in extremely dry vinous experience. Juicy quince currently dominates aromatics, but this structured white’s beauty shows the desired complexity and ability to age. Unless you drink it immediately 🙂

2011 Tomac Amfora Rizling

An extremely complex white wine from a family winery dedicated to the authentic expression of Plešivica hills, in the Croatian Uplands. Amphoras were made famous by Josko Gravner, who is actually a good friend of the Tomac family. Fermentation takes place in real Georgian amphoras buried in the ground, with 6 months of maceration followed by another 36 months in wooden barrels., it is considered one of Croatia’s iconic whites.

2009 Roxanich Sauvage

Roxanich also stands as a „naturalist“. However, the Roxanich wine philosophy is not interested in adhering to just the formal rules of the game. At Roxanich they work the holistic approach, trying to achieve the balance that translates into every aspect of life and wine. This Cabernet Sauvignon is a current vintage, aged to perfection and bottled to last. Wine of unparalleled depth and complexity.

2014 Filip Koletnik Atimo

Extreme maceration lovers will adore this rare beauty. The only wine Filip Koletnik makes is ATIMO, and only magnum-sized bottles are used to preserve it. Atimo is made in a naturalistic manner out of organically grown grapes sourced from the Goriška Brda region in Slovenia. This is some serious orange fiesta. As the wine is deliberately non-filtered, it is recommended to stir the sediment before drinking the wine.

2016 Krajančić Plavac mali Srdela

It might be an acquired taste or something, but many Croatians connect the aromatics of true Plavac Mali with sardines… most likely because we were raised to have a glass of Plavac mali with fresh sardines grilled and salted. Aromas here are extracted using cold maceration and the result is all the traditional aromatics of Plavac mali without harsh tannins. This is one of the wines that really transfers you to the Dalmatian island of Korčula.

2009 Budimir Prokupac Boje Lila

In Serbia, in the town of Aleksandrovac, Zdravković Budimir has been crafting authentic wines for 80 vintages. From 100% Prokupac variety, his „Prokupac boje lila“ (means Prokupac of purple color) comes from bush vines planted a century ago. Expect transparent red wine with plenty of freshness but dark and red fruit mixed with earthiness and spiciness followed by gentle tannin in full ripeness with typical vegetal aspects of true Prokupac.

2015 G&J Tvoja krv i moja

The label translates to “Your blood and mine”. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are blended in a new unity, greater than the sum of its parts. Great wood integration, ideal fruit ripeness, a good acid bite, and a progression on the palate with tannin melting in the aftertaste. One of the top Bordeaux blends made in Dalmatia.

These might not cure Covid19 but they can certainly help with staying alive and mentally healthy.

Nenad Trifunovic
Professional Wine drinker ;)

Moderator of a series of wine workshops and educator of wine course (Wine Reading), promoter of table culture and wine writer, most famous as an author of the most influential Croatian wine blog (

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