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Your 2016 New Year’s wine Resolution!

This year, skip the wanna-be-life-changing resolutions and opt for hedonism. Introduce more pleasure to your everyday life by exploring the Croatian wine scene through these New Year Resolutions:

I drink Champagne only when I’m happy and when I’m sad.
Well, not necessarily champagne, but bubbly in general.

Make one of your New Year resolutions to drink more sparkling wine. Save champagne for special occasions, but drink other sparkling wine both when you’re happy and when you’re sad. In Croatia, we have a huge increase in sparkling wine production and especially from local grapes such as: Borgonja, Debit, Frankovka, Graševina, Hrvatica, Kraljevina, Kuč, Malvazija, Plavina, and Teran. It goes without saying that these sparkling wines are less expensive than champagne so people find more excuses to drink local sparkling wine. Also, wine connoisseurs prefer good local bubbly than generic champagne. And remember, it’s because you’re worth it!


Glass of Malvazija a day keeps a doctor away
Choose a new everyday white wine. Stop playing safe and swap your regular Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris for a glass of fresh Malvazija from Istria. Think of a mouthful of white flowers, ripe peaches, and citrus fruit combined with a touch of herbal notes, minerality and creaminess. It pairs easily with wide range of food, from raw fish and sea food pasta to mushroom risotto and poultry with grilled vegetables. Even though it grows only in Istria, Malvazija is widely drunk around the whole of Croatia all year long. What’s probably more important is that a lot of it is exported all over Europe and even in the US. You can’t miss with this one, so be the trendsetter and delight your friends!

Back to the roots (of Zinfandel and Primitivo)
As you already know, Zinfandel and Primitivo originate from Croatian indigenous grape Crljenak Kaštelanski or Tribidrag. Throughout the history, this grape was brought to both Italy and USA where it was considered a local grape and called Primitivo (Italian for the first one to come) and Zinfandel (in the USA). The most popular variation of this grape in Croatia is Plavac Mali, which was first considered and then turned out to indeed be the child of CrljenakKaštelanskior Tribidrag. Traditionally, Plavac Mali grape made some of the most famed Croatian reds – jamy and robust. Today, Plavac Mali wine is modernized because winemakers changed the way they vinify the grape making it more elegant with smoother tannins and not as sweet. Go back to the roots and familiarize yourself with the new old world!

Rosé is the new black
‘Cause it’s in fashion, ooh oohooh! But for reals, a good rosé can substitute substitute both whites and reds. This type of wine is so versatile that it can get you from brunch to a night out, from appetizer to dessert, from restaurant to the beach. There are lots of styles of rosé wine, depending on the grape variety and vinification – from fruity and floral sexy summer drink to savory and rich enjoyed by rosé aficionados. Live on the wild side this year and drink rosé wines made from Croatian grape varieties such as: Borgonja, Frankovka, Hrvatica, MuškatRuža, Plavac Mali, Teran and Trnjak.

We got you set for the 2016! You have all the info you need, start filling your wine cellar. You’ll thank us later!


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