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The Wine Club that specializes in small production Wineries and Hard to find Varieties.
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Enjoying a fine glass of wine is a unique experience. And although we all have our favorites, there is always a thirst for new bottles, new indigenous varieties and unexpected discoveries.

The world of wine expands rapidly. There are so many places we can get information from, online and offline, that even a proper wine enthusiast can feel a bit lost.

Enter our and soon-to-be-yours Wine Club. People behind it are true wine lovers. Something between big enthusiasts and small experts. We are travelling all over Europe in search of less known boutique wineries and varieties waiting to be discovered. Almost everyone loves Cab Sav or Merlot, but did you try Plavac mali or Pošip, have you heard about Kujundžuša? Rest assured, you will.

Small winegrowers of Europe deserve your attention. And we are ready to make that magic happen.

We are accepting limited number of Members in the first phase. Join now, and your first delivery is just around the corner.

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