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Best Wine Bars in Zagreb

Image of interior design of Bastion No.19 wine bar
Photo credit: Bastion No.19 wine bar in Zagreb

In recent years, Zagreb’s wine scene has experienced an exhilarating renaissance, captivating wine enthusiasts and novices alike. With a plethora of tastings, wine fairs, and a burgeoning number of newly established wine shops, there’s an undeniable buzz surrounding the Croatian capital’s wine offerings. However, what truly stands out is the meteoric rise of wine bars, transforming into the trendiest social hubs for locals and tourists seeking unforgettable evenings filled with captivating flavors and conviviality. These immersive experiences allow wine lovers to explore the complexities of different varietals, learn about the winemaking process, and uncover the art of wine pairing. Let’s discover the best wine bars in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia.

Best wine bars in Zagreb

As the passion for wine deepens, an increasing number of specialty wine shops, have emerged throughout Zagreb.

These wine oases curate an extensive selection of local and international wines, acting as both retail spaces and educational centers.

Wine experts, and sommeliers, are on hand to offer personalized recommendations, guiding customers through the vast array of bottles available.

Whether you’re seeking a rare vintage, a hidden gem from a local vineyard, or a world-renowned label, Zagreb’s wine bars cater to all palates and preferences.

Wine bars have transformed the way people socialize and celebrate the art of wine consumption.

Gone are the days when wine bars were exclusive venues for connoisseurs; today, they embrace a more inclusive and relaxed atmosphere, welcoming wine enthusiasts of all levels.

Zagreb’s wine bars offer an eclectic mix of traditional Croatian wines alongside a global selection, inviting wine lovers to explore a wide spectrum of tastes and aromas.

From crisp whites from the Slavonia and the Danube region coast to robust reds from the Dalmatia, each sip unfolds a story of the land and its people.

The ambiance in these bars is equally enchanting, with contemporary decor, cozy corners, and knowledgeable staff ready to guide guests through an unforgettable wine journey.

Moreover, wine bars have become venues for gastronomic delight, often pairing their wines with gourmet offerings.

The emergence of small plates, tapas, and charcuterie boards complements the wine-tasting experience, enhancing the flavors and allowing visitors to indulge in delectable food pairings with their chosen wines.

1. Bornstein

Image of interior design of wine bar Bornstein
Photo credit: Bornstein

Just steps away from the Zagreb Cathedral, tucked away in a 200-year-old cellar on Kaptol, lies a true wine gem.

This is the birthplace of Croatia’s first and oldest private wine cellar, considered the precursor to Croatia’s modern wine bars and wine scene.

At its very core, the Bornstein Wine Bar has always been more than just a private wine repository; it has been a sanctuary for those passionate about the art of winemaking and those eager to expand their oenological horizons.

Within this historic wine cellar now stands an alluring wine bar, one of the rare few that captivates visitors with the warmth of its ambiance and an exquisite selection of carefully curated Croatian and international wines, complemented by delectable bites crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

The essence of Bornstein lies in its dedication to providing not only a diverse wine selection but also in-depth knowledge and education about wines.

Beyond its charming setting, the cellar hosts wine tastings, celebrations, lectures, and wine dinners that are consistently in high demand, leaving guests eager to experience more.

Its allure is not limited to connoisseurs who already possess a refined taste for wine but extends to curious novices, both local and foreign, who seek to learn more about the fascinating world of wine.

Among the highlights of Bornstein Wine Bar is its impressive range of exclusive wine imports from Australia, Italy, France, and Slovenia.

These carefully selected wines come from small and medium-sized family vineyards, which offer exceptional quality and support compared to larger industrial producers.

For tourists arriving in Zagreb, a visit to Bornstein Wine Bar is an essential part of their journey.

It’s not surprising that visitors from China, Japan, Korea, as well as Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and more), find their way to this hidden gem, enticed by the allure of exceptional magnum and jeroboam bottles, rare vintages, and archival wines.

All of these delights are complemented by a simple yet delectable food menu designed to enhance the overall wine-tasting experience.

2. Cheese Bar

Image of outdoor terrace where people enjoy a wine tasting and charcuteries of Cheese Bar
Photo credit: Cheese Bar

Located just off Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb, you might expect Cheese Bar to be a haven for cheese and charcuterie enthusiasts, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

However, this unassuming gem has a delightful surprise in store for wine lovers too, offering one of the most extensive selections of Croatian wines by the glass in Zagreb—over 100, to be precise.

Cheese Bar offers an enchanting experience where you can compose your own cheese plate alongside delectable kobasice (sausages) and an assortment of delectable condiments like homemade onion jam, cod or chickpea pate, stuffed peppers, and both white and salty brown anchovies.

This diverse array of flavors pairs harmoniously with the diverse wine selection. The staff at Cheese Bar are not only friendly but also well-versed in the art of wine and cheese pairing.

They are more than happy to guide you in curating the perfect palette of flavors to suit your preferences. It’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try a Croatian wine you’ve never experienced before.

As you step into the cozy yet vibrant space, you’ll quickly notice that it’s a popular spot, and for good reason.

Though relatively small indoors, the patio outdoors doubles the seating capacity, making it a go-to choice, especially in good weather.

3. Bastion No. 19

Image of interior design of Bastion No.19 wine bar
Photo credit: Bastion No.19

In the heart of Lower Town, lies a charismatic wine bar that has firmly cemented its position as the city’s most exciting and innovative destination for wine lovers.

Nestled in the bustling Masaryk Street, conveniently located between Tesla Street and the Croatian National Theater, Bastion No. 19 exudes a laid-back charm that immediately draws you in.

Despite its relatively small size, this bar packs a powerful punch when it comes to offering an exceptional selection of natural wines, craft beers, spirits, and coffee.

What sets Bastion No. 19 apart from other establishments is its unwavering commitment to edgy and modern wines.

With a curated list of about 35 natural wines, many of which are available by the glass, visitors have the rare opportunity to sample unique and rare wines that are not easily found elsewhere in the city.

It’s a wine lover’s dream come true, and the bar has become a favorite haunt for locals with a passion for all things wine-related.

While natural wines take center stage, Bastion No. 19 doesn’t stop there. Craft beer aficionados will also find solace here, as the bar boasts an impressive array of craft beers from both local and international breweries.

For those looking for something stronger, a well-curated selection of spirits awaits, offering a perfect complement to the diverse wine and beer choices.

The ambiance inside Bastion No. 19 is nothing short of magical.

Its urban charm creates an inviting and convivial atmosphere that attracts a diverse crowd, including students, business professionals, and artists from nearby theaters.

No matter the time of day, you’ll find the bar buzzing with enthusiasts of natural wines, all mingling and enjoying their time together.

4. Pupitres – Wine & Coffe Bar

Image of a sommelier in Pupitres wine bar serving wine to guests
Photo credit: Pupitres

Embracing a profound love and passion for wines, the owner and sommelier, Jelena Šimić Valentić, brought to life the first wine boutique on Frankopanska Street, which quickly earned its reputation as Zagreb’s premier wine bar.

The Pupitres mission is to promote and elevate the wine culture in Croatia. As a result, this wine bar regularly hosts popular Wine Schools, and visitors can explore educational books on wine, spirits, coffee, and teas.


The interior is thoughtfully designed, with champagne-colored walls and designer furniture in shades reflecting wines of different ages, occasionally accentuated by charming pink details, lending an air of casual elegance that perfectly complements an evening of wine, good company, and soothing jazz tunes.

A standout feature of Pupitres is its team of knowledgeable servers, all of whom are accomplished enologists. An array of delightful wine snacks complements the diverse and ever-changing wine selection.

The Pupitres website showcases a plethora of enticing events, including tastings and informative talks, sure to captivate wine enthusiasts.

Moreover, English-speaking wine lovers and visitors can arrange four or seven wine-guided tastings in advance.

The combination of exquisite wines, expert guidance, and the warm ambiance at Pupitres ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all wine enthusiasts visiting Zagreb.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a casual wine lover, Pupitres offers an inviting space to savor exceptional wines and expand your understanding of this time-honored beverage.

5. La Bodega

Image of outdoor view to La Bodega wine & tapas bar
Photo credit: La Bodega

In the vibrant heart of Zagreb’s nightlife district, Bogovićeva Street, amidst candle-lit steampunk and vintage decorations, one trendy place stands out, adorned with expensive watches and exuding posh elegance.

La Bodega in Zagreb takes inspiration from the celebrity hotspot La Bodega Negra in London but goes a step further, incorporating a unique design that sets it apart from most other places in the city.

Upon entering, you are immediately greeted by a captivating sight – sewing machines, radios, and TV sets artfully protruding from the walls, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary ambiance.

Above the bar, hocks of prosciutto hang, hinting at the delectable delights that await visitors.

As you venture further into the venue, you discover a thoughtful tiered seating arrangement, allowing fortunate visitors to overlook the entire bustling scene.

La Bodega masterfully combines a top-notch wine cellar, a stylish brunch & caffee bar, and a lively nightclub, creating a seamless and enticing experience for all.

The menu is a celebration of local delights, showcasing an array of Croatian products, including a vast selection of wines and premium cold cuts like pršut ham, cheeses, sausages, kulen, olives, and top-quality olive oil.

The outdoor terrace, set amidst charmingly rustic piles of logs, remains constantly abuzz.

La Bodega Zagreb takes its name seriously, offering a comprehensive wine menu complemented by an exquisite selection of nibbles.

With a range of Croatian wines available by the glass, guests can enjoy delightful sips.

Whether you visit during the day with jazzy music setting the mood or at night with house beats getting the energy flowing, the ambiance is always lively and enchanting.

6. Coffee & Wine bar Bellucci

Image of interior design of Coffee & Wine bar Bellucci
Photo credit: Coffee & Wine bar Bellucci

It’s time to take a short break from the bustling heart of Zagreb and head over to Trešnjevka, where a charming local awaits you at the intersection of Baštijanova Street and Višnjevac.

Meet Bellucci, a delightful spot that not only offers an original selection of wines from Croatia and Italy but also offers a carefully curated coffee menu and artisanal gourmet products.

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing morning with coffee and pastries or a delightful evening with a glass of wine and tasty platters, Bellucci is the ideal destination.

As you step into their warm ambiance, surrounded by wooden furniture and leather-upholstered chairs, while a pleasant playlist plays in the background, you’ll immediately feel at home.


In addition to their specialty coffee offerings and a vast array of wines, they’ve extended their dedication to supporting small producers and carefully selecting the best options into their food menu as well.

Unlike typical meze plates, which often consist of thinly sliced prosciutto that you can practically read through, Bellucci serves up a diverse and vibrant medley of flavors, colors, and aromas that resemble a delightful fruit basket.

When crafting their wine list, which comprises more than seventy labels, the focus wasn’t solely on following trends; instead, they made sure to include many lesser-known winemakers and wine varieties, such as the intriguing Malvasia Nera.

Setting them apart from other wine bars are their significantly more accessible prices, making Bellucci a budget-friendly choice compared to similar wine bars.

7. D’Wine Bar

Image of interior design of diWine Bar
Photo credit: diWine Bar

If you’re looking for a place to unwind with a glass of exquisite wine, surrounded by a decor that feels like your hip best friend’s living room, look no further than diWine Bar.

Owned by the passionate Irena Lučić, this establishment offers much more than just a casual wine-drinking experience.

Located in a bustling area where something exciting always seems to be happening, diWine Bar has quickly become a go-to destination for wine enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

Since its grand opening in mid-September 2022, diWine Bar has stood out for its commitment to hosting engaging events.

From workshops and birthday parties to guided tastings paired with indigenous wines, the focus here is on wine education and exploration.

Notably, diWine Bar doesn’t neglect its English-speaking audience. Collaborating with a local expat group, the bar offers events in English, ensuring that language barriers won’t stand in the way of enjoying the wonderful world of wine.

The heart of diWine Bar lies in its dynamic wine list, which changes with the seasons, market trends, and the preferences of its diverse wine-loving clientele.

The current selection features about 15 wines that can be ordered by the glass, with a strong emphasis on local producers, particularly small boutique wineries that might be challenging to find in traditional establishments.

diWine Bar is on a mission to promote indigenous grape varieties, eco-friendly production, and the wines of the “new generation,” while also fostering a deeper appreciation for wine culture and etiquette.

The staff at diWine Bar undergo continuous wine education, ensuring they are well-equipped to assist you with any uncertainties or queries about their diverse wine offerings.

The bar has a plethora of exciting wine-related events planned. Other unique projects include wine pairings with literature, poetry, film, photography, sports, and music, as well as themed workshops.

And it’s not just about the wine. Wine lovers can order a carefully crafted selection of cheese and charcuterie boards that perfectly complement the flavors of Croatian wine regions.

Additionally, creative bruschettas, delectable desserts, and healthy smoothies are also a part of their tantalizing menu.

The ultimate goal of diWine Bar is to break down any misconceptions about wine and remove the false sense of elitism that can make the world of wine seem unapproachable to some.

8. Mojo Bar

Image of interior design of Mojo Bar
Photo credit: Mojo Bar

Are you looking for a delightful spot in Zagreb to savor your next-favorite wine, bask in the sunshine, and immerse yourself in a unique urban atmosphere? Look no further than the Mojo Bar!

This bar offers an unforgettable experience, whether you unwind on the café terrace with a view of the mesmerizing fountain at Trg hrvatskih velikana or venture into the intriguing underground bar exuding a smoky urban charm.

As you step into the Mojo Bar, you’ll be greeted by its distinctive décor. The interior boasts chic brick walls adorned with captivating black-and-white pictures that immediately create a mellow and calming atmosphere.

The artistic ambiance creates a perfect setting to relax and enjoy the company of friends or meet new people in a laid-back setting.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Mojo Bar is its extensive selection of wines and rakija, which caters to all kinds of connoisseurs.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast eager to explore new flavors or a fan of rakija, a traditional fruit brandy well-loved in Croatia, you’ll find a wide array of choices to suit your palate.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to help you select the perfect drink that matches your preferences.

These nights are brimming with positive vibes, ensuring an unforgettable experience that keeps patrons returning for more.

The Mojo Bar takes pride in its vibrant nightlife scene. Live music nights are a regular highlight, providing a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your favorite drinks while serenading by talented musicians.

In addition to the incredible drinks and music, the Mojo Bar prides itself on its warm and inviting ambiance.

The friendly staff and welcoming guests create an atmosphere of camaraderie, making it easy to strike up conversations and build connections.

Whether you’re a solo traveler exploring Zagreb or a local looking for a regular haunt, you’ll find a sense of belonging at Mojo Bar.

What are the best places for wine bars in Zagreb?

Here are some of the top wine bars to visit in Zagreb:
  • Bornstein,
  • Pupitres,
  • Bastion No. 19,
  • Bellucci Coffee & Wine Bar,
  • diWine Bar,
  • La Bodega,
  • Cheese Bar,
  • Mojo Bar.

Which places provide the best wine bars in Zagreb for couples?

If you’re a couple looking for wine bars in Zagreb, here are some of the best places to check out:
  • Pupitres,
  • Bellucci Coffee & Wine Bar,
  • diWine Bar,
  • Bastion No. 19,
  • Bornstein,
  • Cheese Bar.


Zagreb, a city with a rich cultural heritage, offers an amazing selection of wine bars.

From the historic Vinoteka Bornstein to the modern allure of D’Wine Bar, each establishment invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of Croatian wine.

Whether you’re an oenophile seeking rare vintages or a curious traveler eager to explore local flavors, Zagreb’s best wine bars promise an unforgettable and captivating experience.

So, let your taste buds embark on an adventure, one sip at a time, as you explore the intriguing world of wine in Zagreb’s most charming settings.

Cheers to discovering the finest wines this delightful city has to offer!

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