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Learn Food

There’s more to wine and food than just food pairing. We believe that everyone who loves wine loves food as well. Bon appetit.

All the do’s and don’t on how to pair food with wine and some chef’s tips as well.
We don’t like to drink on an empty stomach. You shouldn’t either.
6 Wines to be Paired with Famous Christmas Food
Croatian Sauvignon Blanc Tasting
Why is Using Olive Oil with Chocolate a Match Made in Heaven?
2020: A Year in wine
Moscato Wines – converting normal people into wine lovers
With elevation and precision towards fresh, structured Kota Sparkling and Still
From Texas to Croatia: A brisket’s barbeque journey
Make this Winelentine’s day special: Fall in love with Croatian wines!
Croatia, a small country with sensational olive oils
The Japenese-Peruvian Culinary Delights in Zagreb City Centre, Hanami Restaurant
TasteAtlas – the best local food options for travellers around the world
Low-carb wines: What to drink on a low-carb diet?
Two more Michelin Stars have been Born in Croatia
Have fun with wines: How to create a unique and entertaining Christmas wine list?
What should you drink on Christmas Day?
5 mistakes we do while ordering wine in a restaurant
Michelin guide and beyond, what do we think they missed in Croatia?
2 Cult Istrian restaurants that make you insanely hungry!
Zagreb Street Food is hot!
Have you heard of varenik from Pelješac – Croatian variation of aceto balsamico?
7 Must Try Croatian Summer Dishes
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