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TasteAtlas – the best local food options for travellers around the world

TasteAtlas is the world’s first global site that maps local food and recommended restaurants where to try local cuisine with more than 6700 traditional dishes so far.

Taste Atlas

The site works as a collection of reviews from professional food critics and local experts with recommendations for where to try great local food. Authentic experience is guaranteed with more than 35.000 food experts involved in the project.

Can we say goodbye to TripAdvisor? For more qualified leads and information about where locals really go for traditional experience, TasteAtlas offers verified information based on food experts. We all got a little worried after Oobah Butler, from the Vice, made his restaurant “The Shed” number 1 in London on TripAdvisor. The only problem was that the restaurant didn’t really exist! Is this possible? Well, Oobah Butler proved it is.

Taste Atlas - World Map
TasteAtlas – Local ingredients, traditional dishes & authentic restaurants

How to use TasteAtlas?

It’s an extremally user-friendly site. You just enter your next destination, which can be anywhere in the world, to discover traditional dishes and where to try them. Since food without wine doesn’t work for us wine lovers, you’ll be happy to find out that in each wine region, you’ll also have wine recommendations.

The search result is a page filled with every information a bon vivant needs: from ingredients that are traditional to the location and perfect souvenirs for taking back home to the restaurants guide.

Don’t miss the food and wine festivals!

When traveling, it’s hard to find all the gourmet information in one place. Usually, it takes some time both exploring online and after you arrive at your destination to find out what’s going on there. And, most of our experience was that we missed interesting festivals because we didn’t get the information on time.

TasteAtlas also provides you with information about the local events and festivals, so you can plan on time.

The best Strukli in the World - TasteAtlas
Find out where the best food is – TasteAtlas

Global food map idea from Croatia

Founder of TasteAtlas, Matija Babić, is a successful entrepreneur from Croatia, to whom the idea of developing a global food map came to mind. It took more than 3 years of gathering information and developing features on site, before launching the project in 2018.

A tremendous amount of work and a significant investment in both time and money is probably the reason why no one else tried to do something similar so far.

Without further ado, search for ideas at your next destination. You’ll be hungry after looking at all these food pictures 😊 for sure.

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