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Top 6 Must-Visit Croatian Wineries

Galić winery

As wine tourism in Croatia continues to expand, winemakers recognize the importance of providing memorable experiences for visitors. While impressive wineries may attract attention, true wine lovers understand that the wine itself truly matters! Luckily, these wineries offer both! From hacienda-style estates to real architectural gems, here’s the list of the most interesting and memorable cellars to visit!

Bibich Winery

Bibich Winery

An absolute stunner! This hacienda-style winery will charm you immediately upon arrival.

Located in the secluded village of Plastovo, above beautiful Skradin, Bibich Winery is a must-visit for connoisseurs worldwide.

You can book a wine tasting, tapas, or the grand winemaker’s dinner or stay in one of the villas – either way, the winery will blow your mind. Some of the greatest gluttons, like Anthony Bourdain, have been knocked off their feet by Alen Bibich wines and his crew. Literally.

FYI, Alen’s wife Vesna, who is in charge of their cuisine, is one of the most talented chefs in Croatia!

Tips: don’t miss the chance to taste indigenous varieties, and enjoy in ultimate summer wine experience with Bibich Debit.

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Miloš Winery

Miloš winery
Miloš Winery

This family-owned winery located on the Pelješac peninsula has been working hard for the last 30 years to produce some of the most exceptional and interesting Croatian wines, and it’s no wonder they’ve grown into a cult winery.

Once you go to their vineyards and see the micro-location in which the grapes are grown, you’ll know how hard it is to grow vines in their location.

Masters of Croatian indigenous Plavac Mali, a cross between Crljenjak Kaštelanski (ancestral Zinfandel) and Dobričić (an ancient red wine grape variety from the Dalmatian coast), the Miloš family will get under your skin, and it will be difficult to forget them.

Enjoy a wine-tasting tour through an old wine cellar in a cave (literally!) and a view from their newly built winery!

Recommended wines:

Stina Winery

Stina winery
Stina Winery

Stina Winery is a must-visit winery located on Brač Island. Opened in 2009 after the owner rented a building from the Agricultural Cooperative of Bol.

The winery is located right on the seafront, and the building is steeped in history, as it was once the first Dalmatian Wine Cooperative, established in 1901.

Interestingly, the ground floor was used for winemaking, while the first floor was an elementary school. Today, the winery has taken over the ground floor and is a must-visit for wine lovers.

The winery has been completely renovated, but the old winery’s spirit is still very much alive. The stone walls and brick ceiling are the same as in 1903, and the original stone drainage canals on the floor are exposed and covered with glass. There’s even a preserved huge concrete barrel with a capacity of 68.100 liters, a reminder of the old times.

The wine-tasting room is modern, with a very long bar, seating area, and flashy lights. Behind the bar is a lovely wine display with bottles arranged in such an order that it reads Stina. A glass wall allows you to peek into the wine cellar from the tasting room.

During summer days, the winery is bustling with visitors, so if you are lucky enough, you can sit at an outdoor table with a wonderful sea view. Stina Winery’s brand, bottle label, and slogan incorporate two symbols of Brač: white stone, which is what Stina means in the Dalmatian dialect, and art.

The labels of their wines are all recognizably white, like a canvas, inviting painters to paint and writers to write and be inspired by it.

Their slogan says it all: Stina, for inspiration. And they will surely inspire every wine lover! Without a doubt!

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Roxanich Winery

Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel
Roxanich Winery

Roxanich Winery is the perfect retreat that blends vintage with modern in a fusion that celebrates the region’s cultural heritage.

Located in the heart of Motovun, a captivating medieval fortress surrounded by lush forests and the serene Mirna river, with plenty of wineries producing exquisite wines, this destination is a paradise!

Take a grand tour of the impressive five floors and underground wine cellar at Roxanich winery. You can indulge in their carefully aged wines.

And that’s not the end of the adventure! Immerse yourself in the ultimate cultural experience at this luxurious hotel, where art, wine, and gourmet cuisine come together.

Enjoy rotating exhibitions that showcase stunning fine art, cuisine, and exquisite wines. And for those looking for some excitement, explore the enchanting nature, where you can hunt for the elusive white truffle and learn about the region’s rich viticulture history.

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Galić Winery

Galić winery
Galić Winery

Galić Winery located in Kutjevo is truly a state-of-the-art winery! The winery’s appearance is breathtaking, with a modern industrial look and a thoughtfully executed construction to complement the local surroundings.

Impressive in every way, the winery has an amazing wine-tasting room. This wine cellar spreads over two floors, barrels, tanks, concrete wine eggs, and cones for producing macerated wines, large wooden barrels of 3300 liters for wine aging, and barrels of 330 liters for brandy production.

Interestingly, the barrels designed to hold 3000 and 300 liters have 3300 and 330 liters, respectively, due to the owner’s unusual affinity for the number nine and all numbers that lead to it.

The winery’s equipment is the highest hi-tech equipment in Croatia and beyond. In fact, it’s like a spaceship that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

One of the winery’s most exciting features is the Galileo Oak, the first of its kind in Croatia and only the ninth in the world. It is ready for a new limited series of Galić wines!

Get ready to have your senses turned inside out, as Galić winery is set to impress wine lovers worldwide!

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Josić Winery

Josić winery
Josić winery

Josić Winery is definitely worth visiting.

Located in one of the best new Croatian wine regions – Baranja, and in a cellar built in 1935, this family-owned winery produces some of the best Croatian wines in a pretty amazing setting!

Discover more about “surduk” and “gator” significance and discover true cultural and architectural heritage while visiting the winery!

Moreover, the winery has a proper restaurant, and we assure you that food from this area is finger-licking good!

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Experience the ultimate vacation in Croatia and indulge your senses in breathtaking destinations and wineries that will leave an unforgettable impression!

Explore our exquisite selection of Croatian wines before you embark on your journey and uncover new favorites!

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