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Learn Wine

Welcome to the world of wine. Whether you’re are experienced wine enthusiast or just getting your first taste of the world of wine we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn about the basics of wine, we’ll demystify advanced lingo and introduce you to our friends, the winemakers.

Your wine journey starts here. Learn the basics and enter the world of wine.
Learn about the masters of winemaking, their heritage and their secrets. 
Did you know that there’s a dozen health benefits in drinking wine? There’s also loads of interesting facts that we’ve gathered here.
Join us on a journey to the world of wine. We explored different wine regions, appellations and their stories.
The complex world of wine doesn’t have to be that complicated. That’s why we demystify advanced stuff so you can enjoy it over a glass of wine.
A native variety is indigenous to a given region where it’s produced. Here we explore the various varieties and their unique characteristics.
Dingač wine – All You Need to Know about it!
Natural Wine 101: Setting the Record Straight
Domano winery – From Herzegovina with Love
Indigenous White Wines of Croatia, Selection & Tasting Notes
Old Vintage – Can I buy Old Wine?
Croatian Wine – Everything You Need to Know
7 Iconic Food and Wine Pairings
Complete Guide on Wine Serving Temperatures
Single-varietal Wine or Blended Wine?
Smart Wines and How To Make Them – Meet Medea Winery
Ilok Winery – A historical Winery in Eastern Croatia
Indigenous Wine Workshop-Dalmatia’s Modern Tradition
Sherry Wine – 5 Dry Types You Should Taste
You should give up Chardonnay and get addicted to Graševina wine!
Wagging Your Tail – Raise Your Glasses and Discover “Pasji Rep” Winery
Croatian Wine – Tips for Beginners!
Kutjevo Winery – The story behind the Sold Out Graševina
MonteMoro – Wines That Nourish You
Croatian Origins of Zinfandel Wines
How to Make Orange Wine Without Making Crappy Wines
Intriguing legacy of Budimir winery
Discover Nomad: tasty and refreshing suprise from Domaine Koquelicot Winery
Erdevik Winery: impressive results with Roman history
How Enosophia Will Change the Way You Think about Slavonian wine
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