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Top 5 food pairings with Blaufrankisch

Blaufrankisch food pairing animationDiscovering the perfect food pairings with Blaufränkisch wine is an adventure worth exploring. This article introduces you to the world of Blaufränkisch, a unique and flavorful wine known for its earthy minerality and balanced structure.

From hearty goulash that highlights the wine’s character to lamb dishes recommended by winemakers themselves, these pairings embrace the full spectrum of flavors compatible with Blaufränkisch.

We’ve also included less conventional matches like creamy sauces that complement the berry fruit notes of this versatile wine. Whether it’s pairing with bratwurst or crafting a meal around schnitzel, there’s a combination here that will elevate your dining experience.

Experts suggest enjoying Blaufränkisch at just the right temperature and recommend giving it time to breathe in a large Burgundy glass for optimum flavor expression. With each sip and bite, discover how well-chosen dishes can enhance your appreciation for this distinguished wine.

Understanding Blaufrankisch Wine: A Brief Overview

Dive into the world of Blaufrankisch wine to uncover its rich flavors and unique character. This journey reveals how regions like Austria and Hungary craft this exquisite red with deep roots in European viticulture.

Tasting notes of Blaufrankisch

Martin-Albus-Frankovka-pouringBlaufränkisch wine usually expresses rich berry flavors, where notes of ripe cherries and blackberries dance on the palate. This red wine’s unique mineral spiciness cuts through the fruitiness, balanced by a fine acidity that leaves a memorable finish.

Its aroma often reveals hints of dark berries and sometimes even a touch of pepper, enticing those who favor complexity in their wines.

Pairing excellently with spicy dishes or roasted meats, Blaufränkisch shows its versatility. The wine’s not-too-robust tannins wrap around the flavors of food like a warm embrace, enhancing both the meal and the drinking experience.

Of course, different regions bring their own character to Blaufränkisch wine.

Regions famous for Blaufrankisch wine production

Blaufrankisch-food-pairing-Martin-Albus-Blaufrankisch-wineAustria leads the pack in cultivating Blaufrankisch, locally written as Blaufränkisch. The country’s deep understanding of this varietal showcases its ability to produce wines of remarkable depth and complexity.

Here, winemakers have honed their skills over generations, embedding the grape into Austria’s vinicultural identity. Austrian Burgenland region become synonymous with high-quality Blaufrankisch, where the terroir amplifies the wine’s distinctive spicy character and age-worthiness.

Venturing beyond Austria, Hungary makes its mark with the same grape variety, called Kékfrankos there. In Hungary’s Eger and Sopron regions, Kékfrankos contributes to renowned blends such as Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood), noted for its rich texture and layered flavors.

These areas highlight how different climates and soil types play a critical role in shaping the wine’s profile – from lighter-bodied with vivid acidity in cooler sites to more tannic and fuller versions from warmer locations.

This diversity perfectly illustrates Blaufrankisch’s adaptability across various European landscapes.

Croatia has a long tradition of growing Blaufrankisch for example. In Slavonia, a distinguished Croatian wine region, Blaufrankisch is the most widespread red variety. Here it is called Frankovka, and in certain locations achieves exceptional results.

Top Pairing: Hearty Goulash with Blaufrankisch

Blaufrankisch-food-pairing-goulashPairing a rich, hearty goulash with Blaufränkisch wine creates an unforgettable culinary experience. This traditional combination highlights the wine’s mineral spiciness and fine acidity, perfectly complementing the bold flavors of goulash.

The spicy notes of paprika in the dish match the vibrant berry fruit aromas found in Blaufränkisch, creating a harmony between food and wine that elevates both.

Blaufränkisch also pairs exceptionally well with ingredients common in goulash such as onions and seared meat. Its acidity balances the richness of dark sauces while enhancing the depth of flavor in dishes like onion roast or pink roasted duck breast.

This pairing not only showcases the versatility of Blaufränkisch but also demonstrates how a well-chosen wine can bring out new dimensions in traditional dishes.

Recommended wine for pairing with fish paprikash: Martin Albus Frankovka

Ideal Pairing: Lamb Dishes and Blaufrankisch

Blaufrankisch food pairing lamb chopsAustrian winemakers rave about pairing Blaufränkisch with lamb dishes. The rich flavors of lamb complement the tannins and acidity in Blaufränkisch, creating a harmonious balance that enhances the dining experience.

This wine’s robust profile, full of dark fruit notes and a hint of spice, brings out the best in grilled or roasted lamb preparations. Serving this wine at just the right temperature and allowing it enough bottle ripening time can transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one.

Experts suggest using large glasses to serve Blaufränkisch, as this allows the wine to breathe and fully release its complex aromas. Whether you’re preparing a simple grilled lamb chop or an elaborate roast seasoned with herbs, pairing it with Blaufränkisch ensures a memorable feast.

This combination is not only favored for its taste but also for how it makes both the wine and dish shine brighter together.

Perfect Match: Bratwurst and Blaufrankisch

Blaufrankisch-food-pairing-bratwurstPairing bratwurst with Blaufrankisch brings out the best in both. The wine’s mineral spiciness and fine acidity complement the smoky flavors of grilled or barbecued bratwurst perfectly.

This combo transforms a simple meal into an experience that highlights the cuisine of Austria, where such food and wine pairings elevate dining to an art form.

Blaufrankisch also shines with its versatility when paired with smoked sausages, enhancing the umami taste inherent in these dishes. Its ability to mesh well with slightly acidic components makes it a prime choice for enjoying alongside meals that might otherwise challenge less adaptable wines.

This pairing invites enthusiasts to explore the refined complexities of both Blaufrankisch and beloved grilled meats like bratwurst, promising a delightful culinary journey.

Classic Pairing: Fish paprikash and Blaufrankisch

Blaufrankisch-food-pairing-fish-paprikashThe traditional pairing of fish paprikash with Croatian Frankovka wine creates a delightful culinary experience that celebrates the flavors and traditions of Croatia.

Fish paprikash is an excellent pairing with Croatian Frankovka wine due to several reasons:

  • Complementary Flavors: Fish paprikash, a traditional Croatian dish made with sweetwater fish stewed in a rich paprika-infused sauce, offers an intensively flavorful profile. The paprika adds depth and warmth to the dish without overpowering the subtle taste of the fish. Frankovka wine, with its moderate body and tannin structure, complements these flavors without overshadowing them.
  • Acidity Balance: Frankovka wine typically possesses a balanced level of acidity, which helps cut through the richness of the paprikash sauce. The acidity refreshes the palate between bites, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Local Pairing: Frankovka wine is a Croatian version of Blaufrankisch, making it a natural choice to pair with traditional Croatian cuisine like fish paprikash. The regional connection adds to the authenticity and enjoyment of the overall dining experience.
  • Texture Harmony: The smooth texture of Frankovka wine harmonizes well with the tender texture of fish in the paprikash dish. This combination creates a pleasant mouthfeel and allows both the food and wine to shine without clashing.
  • Cultural Context: In Croatian culture, food and wine are deeply intertwined, and certain pairings have been perfected over generations. Frankovka wine has been enjoyed alongside various Croatian dishes for centuries, and its compatibility with fish paprikash reflects this culinary heritage.

Recommended wine for pairing with fish paprikash: Martin Albus Frankovka


Unique Pairing: Creamy Sauces and Blaufrankisch

Blaufrankisch-food-creamy-tomato-pastaMoving from the rustic flavors of Blaufrankisch food pairings, we transition into a more refined yet compelling combination.

Creamy sauces and Blaufrankisch wine can create a surprisingly harmonious match, introducing a delightful contrast between rich textures and the wine’s vibrant freshness. Imagine savoring beef in root cream sauce or indulging in bread dumplings soaked in creamy goodness, with a glass of Blaufrankisch to cut through the richness.

This pairing highlights how Blaufrankisch’s robust character complements creamy dishes without overwhelming them, as suggested by culinary experts.

The wine’s ability to pair with these lush sauces stems not only from its balanced tannins but also from its subtle spice notes, which echo flavors found in many creamy recipes. This unique combination invites fans of both hearty meals and complex wines to explore beyond traditional pairings.

It is most rewarding to turn our attention to creamy sauce dishes, such as:

  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Creamy tomato basil pasta
  • Creamy garlic shrimp
  • Lobster bisque

Blaufränkisch’s structure is well-suited to cut through the richness of a creamy tomato basil sauce. The tanginess of the tomatoes complements the wine’s acidity while the basil adds herbal nuances that enhance its flavor profile.

Recommended wine for pairing with most creamy sauce dishes: Martin Albus Frankovka


Discovering the perfect food pairings for Blaufränkisch opens a world of culinary delights. From the robust flavors of hearty goulash to the refined taste of lamb dishes, these combinations showcase the versatility and depth of this exquisite wine.

Have you thought about which pairing to try first at your next dinner party? The impact on your dining experience promises to be significant, transforming ordinary meals into memorable feasts.

Let these pairings inspire you to explore the harmonious interplay between food and Blaufränkisch, enriching your appreciation for both.Blaufrankisch-food-pairing-Frankovka-toasting


1. What is Blaufrankisch wine?

Blaufrankisch, also known as Kekfrankos, Lemberger, or Frankovka is a red wine famous for its deep color, rich tannins, and spicy notes of blackberry and pepper. It’s grown in regions like Burgenland in Austria or Slavonia in Croatia.

2. Can I pair Blaufrankisch with steak?

Definitely! The robust flavor of Blaufränkisch pairs excellently with grilled steak. Its boldness complements the meat’s richness, making it a perfect match for a hearty meal.

3. What kind of cheese goes well with Blaufrankisch?

Sheep cheese is an ideal pairing for Blaufränkisch. The saltiness and slightly bitter edge of the cheese enhance the wine’s fruity and peppery notes beautifully.

4. How does food impact the taste of Blaufrankisch?

Food can greatly influence how you experience this wine’s taste by either complementing or contrasting its natural flavors; caraway seeds in foods subtly highlight Blaufränkisc’s spicier undertones while fatty foods soften its tannin presence.

5. Are there vegetarian options that pair well with Blaufrankisch?

Certainly! Try pairing Blaufrankisch with cumin-spiced root vegetables or dishes featuring hearty grains like barley; they bring out the earthy qualities in the wine while standing up to its structure.

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