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What to drink this season: Best Croatian spring wines

best-croatian-spring-wines_animationSpring is here, and you might wonder what wine to enjoy during this beautiful season. Many people look for something new to try as the weather starts warming up. One fact that might catch your interest is that Croatia offers some exquisite wines perfect for springtime sipping.

Our blog will guide you through the best Croatian spring wines, showcasing options that are refreshing, light, and versatile enough to pair with a variety of foods. Get ready to explore! Keep reading for all the delicious details.

What Makes a Wine Ideal for Spring

When spring rolls around, everyone looks for something light and refreshing to drink. Wines that pair well with a variety of foods make the season’s eating and drinking truly enjoyable.spring-wines-spring-times


Light wines feel like a gentle breeze on your palate, perfect for the spring season. They don’t weigh you down or overwhelm your senses. Think of Grüner Veltliner and Sauvignon Blanc – these are like sunshine in a bottle, bringing joy with every sip.

Their low tannins, elevated freshness, and light body make them easy to drink, inviting you to enjoy more of the beautiful weather and good company.

Such wines pair wonderfully with a variety of foods because they don’t fight for attention. Whether it’s seafood from the Adriatic Sea or fresh salads from the garden, light wines complement rather than compete.

Springtime is also when new vintages are being released, and Croatian wines are no exception. Longer daylight and sunnier days call for a Mediterranean type of wine, and what better way to celebrate the waking of nature than Vugava wine?

But, many other Dalmatian varieties might wake your thirst. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself indulging in varieties you can hardly pronounce. Many Dalmatian wines are difficult to pronounce but easy to enjoy.

Refreshing qualities

After exploring the lightness of spring wines, their refreshing qualities are another essential feature you’ll require. Croatian spring wines stand out for their ability to refresh and rejuvenate the palate.

These wines pack a punch with vibrant acidity and crisp flavors that awaken your taste buds. They perfectly capture the essence of springtime freshness, making each sip feel like a cool breeze on a warm day. spring-wines-sunset

But do not be satisfied with mere superficial appearance. True freshness must be beckoned by a true substance. A grape that’s powerful enough yet restrained in a format enhancing its freshness.

These bottles bring forward delicious aromas of ripe fruit and blossoming flowers, mirroring the season’s renewal. Their balanced acidity ensures that every glass is not just invigorating but also leaves you wanting more.

Ideal for sipping outdoors or alongside meals bursting with seasonal produce, Croatian gems such as Malvasia Istriana or certain Pošip wines are surefire picks for those looking to enjoy wines that truly embody the spirit of spring.

Versatility with food

Spring wines shine with their ability to match a wide array of dishes. Light-bodied reds like Gamay Noir pair perfectly with savory poultry, while the crispness of a Provençal Rosé complements spicy Sichuan flavors.

These wines bring out the best in spring cuisine, from fresh salads to grilled seafood.Croatian-spring-wines-chartcuterie

When it comes to pairing with food, many Croatian whites perform outstandingly. Vugava offers Mediterranean notes that dance alongside lighter pasta and seafood dishes. Sparkling wines elevate any Sunday lunch, making every bite more memorable.

The Perfect White Spring Wine: Vugava

Croatian Vugava shines as the perfect white spring wine, capturing the essence of the season with every sip. Its medium-light body and refreshing taste make it a standout choice for those warm, sunny days.

Features & Description (Vugava)

Vugava, or Bugava, dazzles as a white wine, just perfect for spring’s warm embrace. This varietal boasts an herbal bouquet mixed with hints of citrus and almond, creating an aromatic delight that invigorates the senses.

Originating from Vis Island’s picturesque vineyards, Vugava shines with its pale golden color and dances on the palate with a balance of freshness and complexity.

Pairing wonderfully with the season’s lighter fare, this wine is both refreshing and versatile. Its crisp acidity cuts through richness while complementing flavors ranging from seafood to grilled vegetables.

Each sip promises a journey through Dalmatia’s lush landscapes, making it more than just a drink—but an experience to savor under the spring sun. spring-wines-Vugava

Food Pairings (Vugava)

Now that you know what Vugava tastes like, let’s dive into how best to enjoy it with food. This Croatian white has a talent for complementing a wide array of dishes. Here are some top picks:

  • Seafood delights – Think fresh oysters or grilled shrimp. Our perfect pairing recommendation is Vislander Cuvee, a blend of Vugava and Kuč. The wine’s crispness cuts through the seafood’s richness, balancing each bite
  • Light pasta and risotto dishes – A plate of linguine with clam sauce pairs beautifully. Our perfect pairing recommendation is Vislander Bugava. The wine’s acidity complements the creamy texture of risotto too.
  • Chicken and turkey salads – Opt for a salad with a citrusy dressing to match fresh Vugava’s zestiness.
  • Soft cheeses – Try it with mozzarella or feta. The wine’s brightness contrasts nicely with these cheeses’ creaminess.
  • Vegetable stir-fries – Dishes with asparagus or green beans work well, echoing the wine’s herbal notes. Our perfect pairing recommendation is Bugava Premier!

Each pairing enhances the dining experience, letting both the food and wine shine brighter together.Croatian-spring-wines-mixed-salad

The Refreshing Rosé: Croatian Rosé

Even Croatian Plavac Mali-based Rosé can sparkle with freshness. In all honesty, Plavac Mali is the last grape you might think of as your springtime easy sipper. Yet, in certain expressions it does dance on your palate, promising to pair beautifully with many seasonal dishes.

Features & Description (Plavac Mali Rosé)

Modern-made Plavac Mali Rosé stands out with its vibrant pink hue, catching the eye before even a sip is taken. This rosé wine embodies spring in every glass, balancing freshness with a lively acidity that dances on the palate.

Its light body and crisp finish make it an ideal choice for warmer days, offering a refreshing alternative to heavier red wines. Particularly those powerful reds from the Plavac Mali variety.

Although completely dry, it carries the sweet spot merged ideally with its fruity character.

Pairing beautifully with a variety of foods, Plavac Mali Rosé shines alongside spring salads, seafood dishes, and mild cheeses. The versatility of this wine makes it easy to enjoy on any occasion – from casual picnics to elegant dinners. favourite-island-wine-Vislander-rose

Food Pairings (Plavac Mali Rosé)

Let’s dive into the best food pairings with Plavac Mali Rose. These combinations will elevate your wine-tasting experience, especially during spring gatherings.

  • Grilled Seafood – The lightly charred flavors of grilled shrimp or scallops bring out the fruity notes in Plavac Mali-based Rosé, making for a delightful pairing. Think Vislander Rose as the perfect pairing, playful invigorating freshness that carries layers of fruit presence.
  • Summer Salads – Most salads with fresh greens, strawberries, and a light vinaigrette dressing complement the rosé’s crisp acidity ideally.
  • Soft Cheeses – You can enjoy this wine with soft and creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert, which balance its dryness with its richness.
  • Chicken kebabs – Marinated chicken skewers, especially with lemon and herbs, enhance the aromatic profile of Plavac Mali Rosé.
  • Fruit Platters – A simple platter of summer fruits such as watermelon, peaches, and berries can highlight the wine’s sweet and floral undertones.
  • Light Pasta Dishes – Choose pasta tossed in olive oil with fresh herbs or a light tomato sauce to match the elegance but also structure of Plavac Mali Rosé.
  • Vietnamese Cuisine – The wine pairs beautifully with Vietnamese spring rolls or pho, balancing the dishes’ herbal freshness.

Each pairing is designed to complement specific aspects of modern-made Plavac Mali Rosé’s flavor profile, turning any meal into an occasion. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet dinner at home or hosting a springtime picnic, these pairings promise to make your experience memorable.Croatian-spring-wines-grilled-shrimps

The Light Red Wine: Croatian Plavac Mali

Croatian Plavac Mali is not usually described as a wine offering a light and fruity experience perfect for spring sipping. It is known for its tannic presence and lack of freshness. But this is not always the case. In fact, certain Plavac Mali wines have a smooth texture and pair wonderfully with a variety of foods, promising delight in every sip.

Features & Description (Plavac Mali)

So, can Plavac Mali be a light red wine that captures the essence of spring with its vibrant flavors? Can this Croatian gem turn into an easy-drinking delight?

Of course. Its unique character comes from the sun-drenched Croatian coast, where the grapes get their rich taste. But not every Plavac Mali suffers from overexposure to sun and borders with overripeness.

Exceptions are not that rare in fact. And, some of the most beautiful ones are made on the island of Vis, one of the most distant places on the Croatian coast.

For example, Plavac from Voščice field is gentle and refreshingly vibrant. It carries tons of dark berries, pepper, and fresh herbs yet in a medium-full body with well-behaved tannins.

Another excellent example is Plavac from Ljubišće field, with delicate aromas of forest fruits and herbs on the nose, touched by leather and smoke from barrel aging. This only contributes to a somewhat rustic character in an otherwise finely tuned modern expression of an ancient vine-growing area.

Food pairings for Plavac Mali include grilled meats and hearty pasta dishes. Its versatility shines when matched with spicy foods, bringing out the wine’s fruitiness. The fine-tuned tannins in such Plavac Mali support these combinations perfectly, making it a go-to choice for diverse culinary adventures.

Food Pairings (Plavac Mali)

Croatian-spring-wines-tomato-pastaPlavac Mali is a light red wine from Croatia with a unique taste. Its flavors make it a great choice for pairing with various foods. Here are some ideal food pairings:

  • Grilled meats – The smoky flavor of grilled steak or pork complements the bold taste of Plavac Mali, bringing out its berry and pepper notes.
  • Roast chicken – A simple roast chicken, seasoned with herbs, enhances the wine’s fruity undertones.
  • Pasta with red sauces – Tomato-based pasta dishes, like spaghetti Bolognese, work well with this wine, as its acidity balances the tomato’s tanginess.
  • Hard cheeses – Aged cheddar or gouda pairs nicely, with the cheese’s richness softening the wine’s tannins.
  • Mediterranean dishes – Think olives, capers, and anchovies. These salty flavors match the wine’s slight saltiness due to its coastal vineyard origins.
  • Charcuterie boards – Cured meats bring out Plavac Mali’s complex flavors while smoothing out its finish.

These pairings invite everyone to explore the versatility of Plavac Mali in culinary contexts. The right food can turn a glass of wine into a memorable experience.

The Bubbly Delight: Croatian Sparkling Wine

Croatian Sparkling Wine brings a fizzy joy to any spring celebration. Its lively bubbles and crisp flavors pair perfectly with lighter dishes, making every sip a refreshing experience.spring-wines-bubbles

Features & Description (Croatian Sparkling Wine)

Croatian sparkling wine, known for its bubbly delight, brings a festive touch to any occasion. Crafted using the Champenoise or Charmat methods, these sparkling wines capture the essence of Croatian terroir.

The charm of these effervescent beverages lies in their variety—from dry styles that tickle your palate to slightly sweeter versions that please with every sip. Each bottle tells a story of meticulous winemaking, where yeast plays a pivotal role in fermentation, creating those beloved bubbles and intricate flavors.

Pairing perfectly with food or enjoyed on its own, this sparkling wine stands out with its clear notes and refreshing finish. Winemakers across Croatia pay close attention to detail, ensuring that every glass offers an experience akin to the jubilant shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Whether you’re celebrating a special moment or just seeking something uplifting, Croatian sparkling wine promises zest and vivacity in each bubble—making it an irresistible choice for wine enthusiasts around the globe.

Food Pairings (Croatian Sparkling Wine)

Exploring the vibrant features and descriptions of Croatian sparkling wine naturally leads us to consider the best food pairings. These wines, known for their bubbly delight, match perfectly with a variety of dishes. Here’s a list to guide your culinary adventures:

  • Fresh oysters – The crispness and lively bubbles of Croatian sparkling wine cut through the richness of oysters, enhancing their natural flavors.
  • Grilled shrimp skewers – Sparkling wine adds a refreshing twist to seafood, especially when paired with zesty grilled shrimp.
  • Charcuterie boards – The effervescence of the wine cleanses your palate between bites of various meats, cheeses, and olives.
  • Caesar salad with parmesan crisps – The acidity in Croatian sparkling wine mirrors that of the dressing, making each bite more enjoyable.
  • Smoked salmon blinis – Their combination brings out the complexity in both the salmon and the wine, creating a luxurious tasting experience.
  • Sushi rolls – Whether it’s a classic California roll or something more adventurous like spicy tuna, sparkling wine complements sushi’s fresh flavors perfectly.
  • Goat cheese crostini – The creaminess of goat cheese paired with this bubbly delight is a match made in heaven.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped melon – The saltiness from prosciutto enhances the sparkling wine’s fruity sweetness, offering an exquisite balance.

Our recommendation is to pair Komiška Bonda Sparkling wine with oysters, Caesar salad, and goat cheese. With grilled shrimp, charcuterie, smoked salmon, and sushi rolls, the ideal pairing is the Viška Bonda Sparkling wine, made with a bit of Plavac Mali grape in the base wine.

Each pairing is chosen to enhance both the drink and the food’s taste, creating unforgettable dining moments that celebrate spring’s arrival with every sip and bite.Croatian-spring-wines-smoked-salmon


Spring brings the perfect chance to try Croatian wines, each unique and full of flavor. Vugava dazzles with its lightness but is far from banal. 

An ideal choice for those warm afternoons comes from a place known for robust reds. However, the modern interpretation of the Plavac Mali grape as a Rosé refreshes like a brisk spring breeze, pairing beautifully with light meals.

Many Plavac Mali wines can indeed offer a gentle introduction to reds that won’t overpower your palate. 

For something essentially different, don’t forget the sparkling wine for celebrations or simply to enjoy the season’s joy.

Why not pour yourself a glass and savor the taste of Croatian spring?

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