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Pošip: Dalmatian Rebel Became The Croatian White Wine Star

In recent years, Pošip wines have undergone a significant transformation. Winemakers in the Dalmatian region have started experimenting with new viticulture methods, modernizing winemaking while retaining its unique character and flavor profile. It’s a perfect example of how tradition can be updated without losing its original charms! Let’s explore why Pošip became so increasingly popular and one of the most sought-after Croatian white wines among wine lovers around the world!

The origin and the history of Pošip

The prevalence of Pošip in Dalmatia today is a testament to its remarkable resilience. Discovered by chance, this white grape is one of the few that resisted the phylloxera disease that ravaged Croatian vineyards at the end of the 19th century.

Pošip still grows on its rootstock since it was first planted in the sandy soils of Smokvica village on Korčula island.

Pošip is nowadays one of the most popular Croatian white varieties native to the southern Dalmatia region of Croatia. Some of the best Pošip wines are produced on Korčula island and showcase a potential to produce a diverse range of wines. 

Smokvica and Čara are the two villages considered the cradle of the Pošip grape and are considered places where this grape gives the best results. In 1967, Pošip was the first white wine in Croatia with a denomination of origin. In the past, Pošip used to grow only on the island of Korčula, but it is now widespread throughout Dalmatia. 

Check out our Croatian wine map to learn more about grape varieties grown in the Dalmatia wine region.

Picture 1. Croatian wine map

Croatian wine

What does Pošip wine taste like?

Pošip is a dry white wine known for keeping good acidity levels and minerality while the sugar levels rise during hot summer days. This wine has an intense aroma and juicy flavor, think of apricot, peaches, pears, and citrus in some Pošips aged in steel and rich, bold, dried apricots and figs, spices, and butterfly taste rounded with refined acidity in other examples aged a bit in oak. Pošip is also a variety suitable for pasito wines.

Sun-drenched in Dalmatian summer and aged in wooden barrels, Pošip naturally gives higher alcohol wines of oily texture but balanced wines with plenty of Mediterranean character. Some Pošip wines benefit from aging in a bottle and usually are richer, flavourful, and balanced several years after bottling. On the other hand, Pošip can be lighter in body and more refreshing. Perfect summer wine! 

Thanks to its quality potential, it is only fair that nowadays, Pošip stands tall next to so-called “super grapes” such as Chardonnay, Pinots, Rieslings, etc.

Pošip food pairing recommendations

Today, Pošip wines are balanced and elegant with a specific character reflecting their native terroirs. They are excellent companions to fish and shellfish dishes and a great choice for pairing with Dalmatian traditional dishes such as gradele (grilled fish, a traditional way of preparing fish).

Best Pošip wines from Korčula 

Some of the most popular Pošip wines from Korčula are:

Best Pošip wines from other parts of Dalmatia

Amazing Pošip wines come from other parts of Dalmatia as well. Some of them are perfect examples of true terroir wines. 

Some of the most popular Pošip wines from other Dalmatian wine-growing regions are

Source: Milan winery; Pošip from Kaštel is one of the finest Dalmatian wines

What is Pošip similar to?

Pošip, usually produced as a dry white wine, will surely please those who enjoy this type of wine. Made as a fresh white wine, it can be reminiscent of the whites from Southern Rhône. Wine lovers can expect a wide range of styles, from juicy Sauvignon Blanc and mineral-rich Chablis-like wines to rich, polished, and focused examples reminiscent of top-quality wines from the Côte d’Or.


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