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Guide to wine regions

Join us on a journey to the world of wine. We explored different wine regions, appellations and their stories.

Dingač wine – All You Need to Know about it!
Croatian Wine – Everything You Need to Know
Beginners Guide to Bordeaux Appellations
VIDEO Next to Sonoma: Zagreb Wine Story that won the hearts of Wine Spectator readers
Wine enthusiasts are moving to Osijek: All is ready for the 5th WINEOS
First Regional Pinot Noir Festival – Modri Les Noirs in Slovenia
The most popular Food & Wine Festival in Croatia will be held on 23rd and 24th November in Zagreb
Vineyards next to the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia
Best in the World: Portugieser wines made in Plešivica!
Stay in the vineyards: 7 Best Wine Hotels and Winery Accommodations in Croatia
6 Stunning Vineyard Locations in Croatia
The Michelin Guide 2018: Croatia now has two new Michelin star restaurants!
The third Vinart Grand Tasting will soon be held in Lauba in Zagreb
En Primeur 2018, tasting of young Graševina, Pošip and other grape varieties
8 Locations worth visiting at Zagreb’s Advent
10 Upcoming Wine Festivals and Events in Croatia – 2017/2018
Don’t miss the biggest wine and food festival in Croatia, Vinocom in Zagreb
First complete guide on Croatian wines in English – Cracking Croatian Wine
Komarna – the youngest and sweetest vineyard in Croatia
Neretva – vineyards at the river’s delta
Guide to Korčula: The island of food and wine
Exceptional Korčula: Zure Winery from Lumbarda
Different Guide to Pelješac Peninsula
Advent in Zagreb – Map & Guide
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