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Pairing National Park with wine

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Looking for the ultimate Croatian wine-tasting experience? Look no further than the Plastovo vineyards in Skradin, next to the breathtaking National Park Krka waterfalls. 

Plastovo wine-growing sub-region

Looking for the ultimate Croatian wine-tasting experience? Look no further than the Plastovo wine-growing region near Skradin, next to the breathtaking National Park Krka waterfalls. 

What makes Plastovo vineyards so unique? It’s all about the environmental conditions that create a specific microclimate in the area. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, with the Krka river running nearby, the vineyards benefit from a rare combination of continental and maritime climates, which ensures diurnal temperature differences for even ripening of the grapes.

The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 250-300m above sea level, where the warm Croatian sun ripens the fruit. The Krka River and sea breezes from the Adriatic Sea regulate temperatures and help preserve the grapes’ acidity, aromas, and flavors. 

The area was once submerged under a river, resulting in various limestone and diverse soils suitable for growing different grape varieties and often adding minerality to the wines.

In modern-day Dalmatia, winemakers spotlight indigenous Croatian grape varieties to showcase the unique flavors of Croatian wines on the global market. 

One variety that thrives in this exceptional terroir is Debit, a super-refreshing, salty white wine. The other one is Maraština, refined and distinguished white. 

The indigenous reds are Plavina and Lasina. While most red wines in Croatia are known for their full-bodied and high tannin characteristics, the Lasina grape from Plastovo winemakers stands out for its silky smooth tannins with a medium-length finish and tangy and tantalizing acidity. 

Plavina is a grape variety known for producing lighter wines. These wines are characterized by their easy-drinking and pleasant nature, medium body, and refreshing fruity character. The taste is fresh and lively, featuring playful acids and gentle tannins. 

And the best part? You can taste these exquisite wines at the family-owned Plastovo wineries, run by the knowledgeable and passionate Ante Sladić, Marko Sladić from Sladić winery, and Alen Bibich from Bibich winery.

Maraština from Plastovo

Sladić winery
Sladić winery

Another indigenous white wine you should taste is Maraština, produced by Marko Sladić from the Sladić family winery. The wine is refined and distinguished, displaying a straw yellow hue and prominent fruity notes evocative of ripe fruit. Hints of honey and hazelnut complement the flavor profile. The dryness of the wine is balanced by a remarkably full and rounded taste that culminates in a delightfully prolonged and enjoyable finish.

The Skradin-based family winery, Sladić, has a long-standing tradition of producing exquisite wines, thanks to the ideal natural conditions and location near the breathtaking Krka National Park. Since 2000, the family has focused solely on indigenous varieties that perfectly reflect Skradin terroir, resulting in unique wines.

Sladić white wines, made from grapes grown on limestone soil at an altitude of 270 meters, benefit from around 2000 hours of sunshine and cold nights, giving them a creamy and mineral taste with the fragrant aromas of Dalmatian wild herbs and citrus.

So why not add Plastovo vineyards to your next trip to Croatia itinerary? You won’t be disappointed by the stunning scenery, unique wines, and warm hospitality that await you.

So why not add Plastovo vineyards to your next trip to Croatia itinerary? You won’t be disappointed by the stunning scenery, unique wines, and warm hospitality that await you. 

And if you’re already feeling thirsty, check out our special offer on some of the most sought-after Croatian wines featured in our video. Cheers to an unforgettable wine-tasting adventure in Skradin!

Debit from Plastovo

Bibich winery
Bibich winery

Discover the Croatian wine that thrilled even Gary VaynerchukDebit! Once used to pay off debts, this native grape variety captivates wine lovers worldwide. 

Its salty and tangy taste creates a Mediterranean explosion on your palate, especially when served perfectly chilled with seafood during summer. We visited Ante Sladić, the proud producer of Debit in the Šibenik region, where the grape shows impressive results in its unique micro-location. Don’t miss out on this limited-quantity, exclusive wine!

Bibich winery is a true gem, as well! Their Debit Lučica has been fermented and nurtured in French oak for over a year. The flavors of this wine have become concentrated, and it has a warm yet not overpowering taste.

Its uniqueness is undeniable. Once opened, the fragrance of desert flowers, scorched rocks, and candied citrus fills the air, making it a perfect accompaniment to equally bold dishes. The wine’s firm structure and freshness also hint at its potential for aging well in the future.

Alen Bibich is on a mission to elevate indigenous wines to the international stage and sustain the long tradition of region winemaking. As a tribute to his grandfather, Alen created the Lučica label, a wine sourced from a single Debit vineyard that his grandfather planted in Plastovo over 50 years ago.

A visit to this wineries is not just about tasting exceptional wines, it’s also about experiencing the history behind them. Each label on their bottles has a unique story, giving you a glimpse into the past. Take this Debit label, for example! It pays homage to the historical significance of this wine variety by showcasing old coins and their value as a currency. 

Lasina and Plavina wines

Ante Sladić winery
Ante Sladić winery

Experience the subtle yet exquisite flavors of Lasina and Plavina, the red wines are grown in the beautiful Šibenik region of Croatia. These varieties offer a gentler palate with lower alcohol levels and smoother tannins, showcasing the perfect balance of red and dark fruit flavors.

Lasina and Plavina, grown in the Šibenik region, are the subtler sides of red Dalmatia. Bursting in flavors of red and dark fruit, these varieties often show a more gentle side on the palate, achieving lower alcohol levels and a smoother gentler tannin structure.

Plavina and Lasina owe their freshness to the colder nights in Plastovo micro-location. The vineyards may experience scorching temperatures during the day, but the cool nights allow the grapes to achieve an incredible balance of flavors. You will love the fruity aromas, along with its sweet wooden undertone. The acidity of this wine is perfectly balanced with the richness and power of the fruit, resulting in a delightful tasting experience.

Indulge in these wines, ideal for pairing with food during hot summer months, leaving you energized and revitalized. You may be surprised that red wine can be refreshing, and Lasina from Ante Sladić and Sladić family winery is the perfect example.

Plavina also preserves freshness thanks to the colder nights in Plastovo micro-location. Even on the hottest summer days, where the temperatures in the vineyards exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the nights are cooling the vines down, allowing them to achieve incredible balance.

We recommend trying Bibich R6 Riserva blend, made from native Babić, Plavina and Lasina varieties. This dry red has a delightful aroma of sweet berries such as strawberries, blackberries, and homemade cherry juice, giving it a distinct rustic charm. The indigenous grape varieties from the Šibenik region perfectly complement each other in this bottle, resulting in a light and smooth wine with a distinct ruby color and hints of light spices and black pepper aromas. The wine is full-bodied, harmonious, lively, and intriguing on the palate.

Don’t miss the chance to try these amazing wines and taste the magic of the Šibenik region’s vineyards.

Explore Plastovo and Krka National Park

Krka National Park
Krka National Park

If you’re visiting Skradin, get ready to indulge in a culinary journey like no other! The famous Skradin risotto is a must-try, prepared for hours to bring out the best flavors. And if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss out on the local delicacy “čokalice” fired smelts. But that’s not all, the region boasts an abundance of wines, with mostly indigenous varieties grown exclusively in this area. For wine lovers, Skradin is a hidden paradise that shouldn’t be missed. Come and taste the flavors of this small but extraordinary part of Croatia!

There’s a lot more to discover if you find yourself in Skradin. From famous Skardin risotto, cooked and prepared for hours (really!) and “čokalice” fired smelts to an abundance of wines, mostly indigenous varieties grown only here.

The food and the wines make this small part of Croatia a hidden paradise for wine lovers.

Are you ready to embark on a flavorful journey through the Mediterranean?

Our wine offer will transport you to the heart of the region, where you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in various exquisite flavors and aromas.

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